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Friday Open Thread

The first real week of our year is nearly done. How was it for you? Any exciting weekend plans? Last night at the bar I made an impulsive decision to drive to Chicago tomorrow to see a friend, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. Thank you all for hanging out, and in case you missed anything this week, we:

• Talked about ambition with a Genius as well as our in-house witch.

Wrote a check to our haters and threw ourselves all sorts of showers.

• Got sober, stayed warm and learned the secrets to true beauty.

• Sniffed so many candles that we had a fever dream about ICP.

• Critiqued some dick pics and unsealed a Diva Cup from our cervix.

• Went deep on the degenerating Y chromosome and the feminist politics of self-defense.

• Loved our immigrant mothers and our flirty dogs.

Let us know how you’re feeling and how we’re doing and what you want to see on the site this year! We’re listening. See ya Monday.

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