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Friday Open Thread

How was your week? Did it feel like more than one week? Same. Shout out to everyone using 9 different types of lotion to keep your skin from flaking off into the icy wind; shout out to whatever coping mechanism has gotten you through January, which is now over, and every day shall bring us more daylight, hallelujah and amen. Thanks for hanging out this week, which was full of:

• The catalogues of yesteryear, the kitchens of tomorrow, and the jams of 1994

Mourning for Loehmann’s and praise for all the boner stuff in Middlemarch

Social anxietysobriety in the middle of Twitter burnout, undiagnosed sickness, singledom and the Seasonal Affective Disorder Olympics (oh my god, what a list; sorry)

Birth certificates of dubious authenticity

Goings-on about town and (in the parlance of the Timesdown under

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Photo via Jesse Vaughan/Flickr


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