Friday, January 31, 2014


Friday Open Thread

How was your week? Did it feel like more than one week? Same. Shout out to everyone using 9 different types of lotion to keep your skin from flaking off into the icy wind; shout out to whatever coping mechanism has gotten you through January, which is now over, and every day shall bring us more daylight, hallelujah and amen. Thanks for hanging out this week, which was full of:

• The catalogues of yesteryear, the kitchens of tomorrow, and the jams of 1994

Mourning for Loehmann's and praise for all the boner stuff in Middlemarch

Social anxietysobriety in the middle of Twitter burnout, undiagnosed sickness, singledom and the Seasonal Affective Disorder Olympics (oh my god, what a list; sorry)

Birth certificates of dubious authenticity

Goings-on about town and (in the parlance of the Timesdown under

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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OK. How do I convince my boss to let me go see the Daily Show on Monday? I'd only be leaving work 3 hours early.


@jazzloon Can you take personal time off? Offer stay late on Tuesday? Hmmm. I am not a boss, so I can only guess. Have you asked and already been rejected? Or are you planning to ask and want a strategy?


@adorable-eggplant Just thinking strategy. I work for a news organization, so I am CONSIDERING trying to spin it as coverage, but will most likely just take a half day and then make it up later in the week.

People become instantly scarier when they are in charge of you. My boss is a super nice, normal woman, but I am terrified of her.


Absolutely superb. Brilliantly put together.@l


Speaking of winter coping, I read this article and thought about getting a lamp: http://thebillfold.com/2014/01/my-sad-lamp-has-made-me-marginally-less-sad-an-update/ Maybe next winter?

In recipe news, I made killer mac & cheese with fried ham and spices (the Penzy's vinaigrette mix: "sugar, brown mustard, salt, garlic, black pepper, lemon, onion, French tarragon, white pepper, chives, thyme, cracked rosemary. ") and it was luxurious.


@adorable-eggplant I've been thinking about going tanning somewhere for 5 min. Not quite the same as feeling the sun on you, but I think it would like eating really good chocolate with my whole body.
(I've been to a tanning salon twice in my life previously.)


@adorable-eggplant I have been thinking about a lamp too...not just for the SADs but also just so I can get the hell out of bed in the morning! It is so hard when it's dark out.

Your mac-n-cheese sounds delicious! I made a ham frittata last night and was thinking it needed some herby goodness, I think tarragon would have been perfect.


@adorable-eggplant Yes, but did you make it in your crockpot??


@stonefruit No!but I did make some really tasty poblano chowder and also a pasta sauce, so the crockpot saw plenty of action this week. I'll probably do a bean/queso mix for the super bowl tomorrow. And then some carnitas for later in the week. It really is a miracle device.


@adorable-eggplant I just made super lazy peanut butter chicken and noodles. So my day is looking up.

Superbowl is probably chicken and dumplings with fried pickles at halftime.


@Onymous Fried pickles. Oh man, if I were in the mood to make a total mess, I'd do fried pickles and flautas. Which is a tiny bit decadent, since I'm watching the game alone... but who knows, the mood may strike.


I get a 90% for Drynuary. I drank wine at two work functions, but I'm saying that was "professional drinking." Or something. And then I went to a comedy club with a 2-item minimum so I ordered a beer. Not a perfect month, but hey, I'm only human.

But tomorrow, y'all. I'm gonna be so hammered all. day. Anyone else do Drynuary? What is your first drink tomorrow going to be? I'm considering starting the day with a mimosa.


@coolallison I didn't do Drynuary, but for the last few months (excluding some "professional drinking" of my own around holiday parties) I've been booze-free during the week. It has actually been awesome in that I sleep really well and tend to enjoy my booze on the weekends a bit more responsibly. I am currently COUNTING the minutes to 5:00 PM so I can go straight to the bar.

Enjoy tomorrow and, I mean, basically shouldn't every day start with a mimosa? Preferably in a bathtub with a good book?


@coolallison Also, congrats on making it through Dryanuary. You are a braver soul than I.


@coolallison Well done on mostly-Drynuary! Professional drinking is hard to escape sometimes.

I did not do Drynuary cause I don't drink much anyway, but tonight I am going to have an elderberry hard cider at the local joint while watching my friend's daughter play music. Can't wait to toast January goodbye!


@coolallison I did! And I made it all the way through without even drinking at the Neutral Milk Hotel concert this past Monday.

My friends and I are going to have a champagne toast at midnight to celebrate the end of Drynuary.


@coolallison I did Drynuary for the first time! I had no idea this was a thing until like 2 weeks in. I'm feeling pretty good about it, it was both easier and harder than I expected. I'm excited to go out with my best friend tomorrow though and have a beer :).

polka dots vs stripes

@coolallison Can I ask, why do you do Drynuary if you're just going to be wasted immediately on February 1?

I don't do Drynuary because I don't see a need to, I'm not worried about my alcohol intake, I don't need to stop because of health reasons, etc etc, so I'm confused about why you would not drink for so long and then binge like that?

I hope I don't sound like I'm attacking you, this is a general question for people. Drynuary sometimes reminds me of an extreme fad diet where as soon as you end it's back to old habits, so I'm wondering what benefit people see.


@polka dots vs stripes I did it last year and honestly was just kind of proud of myself for making it. And then this year, between the holidays and a job I was actively trying to quit because I was so unhappy, I realized I was drinking just about every day, and I felt that I needed to take a breather for a bit. (I wasn't getting drunk every day, but definitely would come home from work and immediately pour a glass of wine "to wind down.") And the takeaway (we'll see how long it lasts) is that I don't need a glass of wine every day... I'm hoping that I can stick to more of a 2-days-a-week sort of thing. (You know, until next December.) So for me, it was more of just trying to break the habit that I had developed. And I think it's worked?


Hello all! I am so happy that in just an hour and a half or so, I am meeting my lovely ladies for a long overdue Happy Hour! We've all been friends for many years and as life has become busy with jobs, babies, partners, etc., we've had a harder time all getting together, but tonight it is happening. I count myself quite lucky to have such incredible women in my life. Also I am not drinking during the week right now so perhaps I am just mostly excited for wine. What's everyone else up to tonight/this weekend?


@cabber My job is having a happy hour tonight, and I'm so conflicted if I should go and just drink water, or skip it. I brought some workout clothes because I thought if I worked out right after work, I wouldn't want to go out because I'd be all gnarly...

The rest of the weekend though will be a wine-fueled haze. I might transition to a beer-fueled haze during the super bowl. We'll see how crazy it gets.


@cabber That sounds amazing! I miss my girlfriends so much especially now that I'm halfway across the world. My friend is having his birthday celebration at a club tonight (ugh!), and I'm trying to get excited for it. Partying in Paris is way too expensive. I'd much rather buy bottles of wine (cans of beer/cider), drink at someone's place, and dance to the music on someone's mp3 player/computer in a crowded kitchen.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@cabber Like an early Galentine's Day! I approve.

I had dinner with work people yesterday evening, saw my cousin and her played with her kids this morning, now am off to a bridal show with a friend who's planning her wedding, then a disgustingly deliciously fattening dinner with a friend in from out of town.

Basically I am going to eat all weekend forever and ever.


This week I learned that you should never mention circumcision on twitter. Especially if there was an extremely rare and frightening complication.


@Mike_B Aaah my whole body just clenched up and I am not even a guy! Please keep not mentioning it, OK?


@Mike_B hoo boy. Was it by chance about the recent case with the communicable disease?

Just don't bring up circumcision on the internet ever, that's my motto.


@Mike_B Ugggh people. And their opinions. And their need to tell other people who have different opinions about their opinions. I'm not sure any topic is safe. I bet there are people out there who would argue if you said puppies were cute. I say... whatever choice you have made for yourself and your family are yours to make and everyone can suck it.

(And I hope that everyone in your situation is okay.)


So it's been super cold where I live (and I imagine where pretty much everyone lives), so I've been hunkering down at home a lot. Amazon Prime just put Veronica Mars, all three seasons, streaming and I've been rewatching for the first time since it originally aired and it totally stands the test of time. I am now SUPER excited that the movie comes out very soon. I remember being pretty invested in Veronica and Logan and (much like Angela Chase/Jordan Catalano), it looks different to me now. Though the two actors do have some damn good chemistry. Any other fans?


@cabber Yuup. I'm probably gonna get on my friend's Prime account and re-watch the series soon.

So excited for some Wallace.


@pajamaralls Yes love him! Always loved him, but I can really see how he is the most moral character on the show and can always be depended upon to do the right thing, which is good for Veronica to be around, since the same can't always be said for her....


@cabber You hit it on the head. But it's good that Veronica wasn't always 100% moral.


My week was weird as hell, next week is gonna be even weirder. Might come out of it with a story, though.


@Danzig! Hope all is OK. But your stories are so good, I kinda hope shit stays weird if it means we get another one.. (As long as you are OK, that is!)


I'm currently preparing to take a pan of hot brownies over to my curmudgeon of a best friend and try and jolt him out of his curmudgeonly ways for a hour. Really looking forward to gorging myself on chocolate and watching netflix. (And probably popping across the street for a drink later too)

Also: Shout out to Cerave lotion in the tub, for keeping my body moist in these difficult times.


I bought 64 oz if cheese for like $2 because a work distributor was having a big sake. What am I gonna do with all that cheese???
I also told the world I am pregnant, and now I kind of want to un-tell it, because ugh nothing is anyone's business! But I figured it would eventually become apparent anyway.


@frenz.lo Nachos? Quesadillas? Deep-fried cheese?

And...are you excited?


@frenz.lo I so badly wanted to post this gif I have of Liz Lemon in a snuggie singing "working on my night cheese" but alas, I appear to be lacking in the HTML skills. Anyway, that could totally be you. Just imagine a cool gif to back me up on that.


@coolallison Ask and ye shall receive:

Queso for everyone! Block party?


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So "the boy" returned from his work trip and I saw him Thursday night. We had a really hot, fun, sexy night and he was super nice/sweet afterward. He had to go to the airport early the next morning for work but he let me sleep in at his apartment. I've decided that I'm going to just have fun with this and not even think about where it could (not) go. Did I mention the sex was really hot?

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