Friday, January 31, 2014


FOUND: The Best Sheets

Or, at least according to The Sweethome, which tested 13 of the best-rated sheets over 60 hours and found [drumroll]:

After testing thirteen of the best sheets on the market, L.L. Bean’s 280 Thread-count Pima Percale sheets are the ones I’m keeping on my bed. They outpaced every other sheet in all of our tests and are a dream to sleep on. They are made of Pima cotton, which is a variety of extra long staple Egyptian cotton commonly grown in the US and Peru and, while the thread count may seem low to those of you familiar with sheet shopping, these are quality sheets. I found them to be super comfortable, very breathable, easy to care for, and durable too. They’re the best all-around sheets I’ve ever owned.

This will (likely) end my proud young adulthood tradition of calling my mom in the middle of the day to ask "what sheets are good" and then getting exasperated by her very informed, lengthy answer. We both thank you, Sweethome. [The Sweethome]

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Ugh, percale. I sleep on Ralph Lauren 300 count sateen (the article is right, thread count can be bogus). I have three sets. I'm slightly insane when it comes to bedding. I buy them on sale though.

Lady Humungus

@likethestore Wait, what's bad about percale? I need to know more about sheets, legitimately. (Although I'm still probably just going to buy what's on sale at Kohl's, someday I'll spurge on really good sheets...)


@Lady Humungus percale isn't bad, it's just known for being really crisp. I prefer super smooth and soft.

Lady Humungus

@likethestore I see! I'm a fan of whatever they use at nice hotels, so I guess I like crisp. With my menagerie, I could never pull off that whole dreamy all-white bedding thing though.

Faintly Macabre

@likethestore I have those! I got them pretty cheap at HomeGoods. They are wonderfully smooth. My only complaint is that I think the color changed a little bit the first time I washed them, and supposedly you can only wash them on cold.


Thanks for this project!@l


You will have to pry my Wamsutta Dream Zone 750 count sheets from my cold dead hands. It's like sleeping on the softest cloudiest cloud.

Princess Jasmine

I wish they made Disney princess bedsheets for double beds. Or Powerpuff Girls...


@Princess Jasmine I loved my powerpuff comforter until it fell to pieces. Kinda wish I still had it.


I'll be sleeping exclusively on flannel sheets until the temperature gets above 30 degrees.

chickpeas akimbo

@yrouttasight this is the correct approach.

so what?

@yrouttasight I bought flannel sheets this winter after slightly scoffing at my boyfriend for insisting we get them and I have to say, I'm a changed woman. I never thought they'd make such a difference, but I've been singing their praises through this whole polar vortex shit. You can pry my flannel sheets from my cold, dead hands.


Yeah, but $150 for sheets? I just can't.


You guys--sheets with elaborate patterns: where are they? Boyfriend's face/head discolors the pillowcases, dark or light, so I've decided it's patterns from now on. With the exception of some flowery-skull ones, I'm finding nothing!


I have these sheets, and they're great!

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