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For Our Periods, An App For That (That Being Our Periods)

Do you use an app for tracking your period? Hairpin pal Jenna Wortham swears by it: "Ida Tin, a entrepreneur based in Berlin who released the application Clue, said she sees these applications as an all-purpose life tracker, one that documents a women’s relationship to her body throughout her life, from the beginning of menstruation to menopause." It's like a digital yearbook for our uteri. [NYT Bits / screengrab courtesy @aminatou]

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yes, & i love it. it sends me an email 1 week before, and 2 days before. i have pretty severe symptoms and the reminders help me do stuff to make sure things aren't so terrible. monthlyinfo.com

chickpeas akimbo

I use an app (Period Plus) that appears to be targeted to teens, because it includes daily affirmations and a game where you play as a bunny trying to catch pads and tampons but avoid drops of blood. However, I have two years of bleedin' data stored in it so I'm disinclined to switch to something else. It's a conundrum.


loving this right now! amazing!@m


i use monthlyinfo.com but my time between periods varies so much it doesn't do me much good except to have a fun line chart of how all over the place my body is.


@di If you tracked your basal body temp you would likely get a warning as to when your period is coming, because even in women with irregular periods, the length of time between ovulation and menstruation remains the same cycle to cycle. It's kind of a commitment but once you get used to doing it it's just second nature. Bonus is you get to find out when/ if you're ovulating which could be useful info down the line.

dracula's ghost

I use WomanLog and it's boring but fine. I think it would be less boring if I took advantage of all the other features, like charting your body temperature or whatever. I use it to chart my period, sex, and my PMS symptoms so I can see if they get better from month to month as I try various remedies.

I really don't like the name WOMAN LOG

LOG! Gross


I use period tracker - not even the free version, but I (warning TMI upcoming!) had a miscarriage a few months ago, fairly far along (20 weeks) and now Period Tracker just thinks that, I had like, 5 months between periods? So now it wants my period to be due in 60+ days. It's very ridiculous. How can a PERIOD APP not have the capability to be told if you're pregnant?


@Olivia2.0 That is lame, and I'm sorry to hear about your m/c. I have been using kindara and you can enter if you're pregnant, but it is primarily a fertility tracker, so it doesn't have a place to enter all the period symptom stuff. Although I guess you can do that as custom entries/ the "diary" section. It seems like most folks are using "fertility friend" as a fertility tracker but the app is so ugly and malfunctioned on my ipad so I started using the kindara one. Now I kind of want to switch but all my data is there already so...


I do - it's called iPeriod (free). I took my BFF out to brunch the weekend I got an iPhone to pick her brain about all the apps and stuff I should get and this was like the second thing she told me about. It hides the name of the app on your home screen and warns you when your period is 3 days away, etc. You can also track other symptoms (cramps, headache, weight, ovulation, spotting, etc), which I have found very handy this year as my system as decided to play by its own rules.


I use a fertility-tracking oriented one called kindara, which is also free. I do the Basal Body Temp thing, which by the way, I recommend to get a handle on when/ if you ovulate. Even if you are not trying to get pregnant it is really cool to understand your cycle in this much detail. Then if you ever do start trying to get pregnant you will be totally on top of the game.


I use a iPeriod, and it's very helpful. I'm way more regular than I thought I was. I also check the app when I'm in a horrific mood, and about 70% of the time it's 3 days before my period. The other 30% I'm just fucking moody, ok?

Faintly Macabre

I use Period Tracker, and it's been really useful! I was trying to track my periods on paper and always forgot to log them or where I'd written it down. I also thought that my period varied between being days early and really late, when I really just have a mostly regular cycle that's shorter than I thought. The symptom tracker is also useful--it's help me figure out that I get acne in the middle of my cycle, not pre-period. (Thanks, body.) You can also track your moods and lots of other physical symptoms. It's the only one I've used, so I can't compare it to anything, but I like it.

(Though Olivia 2.0, that sounds awful, and it is really bizarre that they have no way of fixing that.)


I use one called My Days. It's fairly basic but suits my needs...except, I have noticed that when the app's prediction is more than a day off, typcially it's when the predicted start date is 5+ days away from that month's full moon. So I like the app overall, but sometimes I wonder if I'd be better off just downloading a lunar calendar.


@bureaucrab YES, another user of My Days. I think it's the bomb. It does everything I need it to do, and it helped me know with some accuracy when I became pregnant. Thanks to the app, I could tell my midwife was incorrect when she predicted my due date. I don't know why, but this gave me immense satisfaction.


I track my cycle on paper in my calendar, because I prefer to party like it's the last century.


I've tried to use them but my period is just irregular enough (or rather, I guess my cycle isn't always 28 days or whatever and shifts around by a day or two) that all it does is make me very anxious because it makes me feel late whereas it's usually just a surprise and wasn't on my mind at all (even with the reliable PMS crying and premenstrual acne/chocolate cravings.)


I use clue and I really like it! It sends me reminders and I find the design is nice and not overly flowery and it's also not super ovulation centric. My only wish would be to have the symptom tracking be a little more flexible.


Hey, I'm the community manager for Clue (and also a longtime Hairpin reader). So, totally geeking out that you linked to us. THANK YOU. If anyone has questions about Clue, let me know. We're adding a bunch of new features in the next few weeks too (like more symptom tracking).


@LisaClue Do you have an app for android?


@MissO does clue also have safe days/ unsafe days? never heard of love cycles before but it sounds awsome


I use one because I go to doctors a lot and I never know when my last period was and they get annoyed with me. But I forget to use the app too. Whoops.

When I first was deciding on an app, I downloaded 7 or 8 free ones and they ALL had pink flowers for the logos. CREATIVE, PERIOD APP DESIGNERS, REAL CREATIVE.


I hope you'll check out my company Groove's new sleek 'period & fertility tracker' app for iOS (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id831795151)! We've worked really hard to make it something that has a beautiful design (no pink or flowers in sight!) and easy-to-use interface.

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