Monday, January 27, 2014


Book Cover Battles, U.S. vs U.K.

The Millions has done another cross-pond cover comparison using the novels featured in the Morning News Tournament of Books; this year, unusually, I like the American version better every time. If you're killing time today, here's their comparison from 2013 (I love that weird cranberry jelly on the U.S. version of May We Be Forgiven), and 2012 (the British Cat's Table takes it), and 2011 (Freedom!), and 2010.

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And now you reminded me that The Flamethrowers isn't in the Tournament and I'm sad all over again! That means I've only read 3 books in the Tournament... good lord. Time to start reading.


@pallasathena Agghh, me too! The only one I've read so far is "Life After Life." Just started "The Luminaries" this weekend - I was worried it'd take me a while, but I love it so far and I think it's 800+ pages will go quickly. I figure if I keep at it over the next month I can get up to about 7-8 by the time the tournament starts. Next up is either "The Goldfinch" or "A Tale for the Time Being."


@ocello That's about me! I've read "Life After Life" as well, and just finished "The Goldfinch" yesterday, and read "Eleanor and Park" - that one was a bonus, definitely didn't think that would be in the Tournament. Good to hear about "The Luminaries" - I got that one for Christmas and didn't want to jump back into another 800 page book... but maybe I can get through it! I just got "How to get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia" from the library, it's like 200 pages if you're looking for a quick one :)


Very cool! This was just what i wanted

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