Monday, January 6, 2014


Amelia Gray Responds to a Hater

In 2012, the wonderful fiction writer Amelia Gray published a novel called Threats. In 2013, a disgruntled man named Earl took a minute to sit down and write a letter expressing his displeasure:

Gray, in turn, composed a beautiful response. Dear Earl, Thank you very much for your response to my book THREATS. One of the reason I write is to make a connection with people, and it's humbling to me that a man in Crowley, Louisiana took the time to sit down and read upwards of seventy pages of my work. Here's her full letter back to him. 

A week later, Earl returned the voided check with a note that said A Time to Kill is indeed the type of reading that he preferred, and told the author that, although he appreciated her suggestion, he also preferred to do his reading on a Nook. Amelia Gray pronounced her time with Earl "a sweet exchange, all in all," and the rest of us sent her a complex sequence of high-fives and handshakes, as is typical with women, in our conversations among the insane.


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OK, Amelia Gray is my hero. What a class act!


holy shit, this is... so... aaah!@k

and it's not even my birthday

Proud to know you, Amelia Gray.


What a graceful way to approach an interaction with a stranger! I love it.


Dear god, if only all customer complaints could be handled thusly.

Sans Souci

This actually warmed the cockles of my cold heart, both with Amelia's response and Earl's response to the response. I kind of bro-ship it and will imagine they became casual pen pals after this, with Amelia sending him P.D. James, and Earl replying with tips on fly fishing.


@Sans Souci I would definitely read that epistolary novel, and I thank you sincerely for bringing the word "cockles" into my Monday.

Suzy Cakes@facebook

I hacked up a hairball of joy. ( Like a snort-laugh, but different. Kind of a hacky-lulz.)


ha! i do find that old man-type haters are most easily dealt with using over-the-top levels of "kill em with kindness."

Anna Keitz-Moore@facebook

That is hilarious! Keep reading John Grisham Earl, then you will never have to expend an ounce of energy on an actual thought!

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