Thursday, December 12, 2013


The Kevin McAllister Pie


Previously: The Acceptance Pie

Ann Friedman is eating junk and watching rubbish.

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My work holiday party is this evening. I'm planning on working my way through each of these--except the one about the house, probably.


@rosaline For my work holiday party this year they hired a magician. It was awesome.


This was amazing and perfect. Thank you!@y


When we say, "woof" about someone's date, are we saying she's a dog, i.e. ugly, or that we're inspired by her beauty to behave like some kind of cartoon hound dog? I feel like maybe this shifted when the millennials came of age.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@laurel Well, you may be thinking of someone howling at a hot person, but the only times I've ever heard anyone say "woof" in appreciation is when hanging out with Bears. (The gay, hirsute human kind, not the grizzly kind.)


@laurel I was wondering the same thing. I decided to willfully interpret it as Buzz (what's Buzz's gender I wonder?) having an absolutely gorgeous lady friend.


@Kinksville PEOPLE. Buzz=Kevin's douchey teen brother. And woof is definitely in this circumstance.
Oh man, totally gonna go watch Home Alone 2. An entire day in manhattan on someone else's dime? Yes please.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose OK, yes, I have heard this about expressions of Bear appreciation. But why would you woof at a Bear instead of making, I don't know, maybe a strangled wookie noise of longing?


@laurel Buzz's girlfriend, as pictured in the movie, is actually director Chris Columbus's son dressed as a girl. "She" is meant to be a dog.

courtesy: http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2013/12/20-surprising-facts-might-know-home-alone/


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Thank you for the necessary and hilarious distinction?!?!?!? But I please wish to imagine someone hanging out with the grizzly bears and riffin.


Best pie so far. Although, I say that about all the pies. But really, this one wins.


I did not realize until now how desperately I needed to watch this film again.

…I do not know how my boyfriend will feel about this as a suggestion for his birthday evening (We already had to cancel dinner out because FINALS)


Best pie so far. Although, I say that about all the pies. But really, this one wins.


I tried to tipsily flirt with a stranger at a bar the other night by quoting all John Candy's lines. "He didn't speak for six weeks! Poor kid."

sarah girl

Emma and Jia, seriously, the comment spam. It is out of control, and driving me away from this site.

Emma Carmichael

Thanks, I know it's been bad. Hard to keep up with the moderating sometimes. But we're on it.

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