Thursday, December 5, 2013


The Acceptance Pie

Previously: The Gratitude Pie

Ann Friedman is doing some end-of-year reckoning.

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Slanted & Enchanted

I can't let go of Infinite Jest, not yet! Even though I started it in August/September and in the interim have read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, This Is How You Lose Her, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (this was an attempt to ease my way back into DFW), On Beauty (because I needed a break from DFW), NW (because I had to continue my Zadie Smith phase), and now the freaking Hunger Games series (because, I don't know?). I'm like halfway through Infinite Jest, but I'm supposed to be reading it alongside my literarily pretentious ex-boyfriend, who has already read Rembrance of Things Past and I just cannot accept that he'll be able to hold Infinite Jest over my head too.

In conclusion, brb, I have to go read Infinite Jest now.


@Slanted & Enchanted I got halfway through Infinite Jest and decided, whelp, I've read as much as most and I CANNOT deal with flipping back and forth anymore and threw in the towel right then.

Every now and then I do re-read his 'This is Water' commencement speech to whet my DFW whistle, but I am perfectly content to never get past the midway point. That said, I haven't got a grudge against the one person I know who did finish, because it might be a different story then.

Banana Stand Money

@Slanted & Enchanted You can stop! You don't have to compete with your ex-boyfriend! You can keep your soul instead of having it sucked out through your eyes by finishing the second half!

Slanted & Enchanted

@Banana Stand Money Wait - is this a reference to what literally happens when people consume Infinite Jest in the novel? Because I am actually sort of curious about that, haha.

As for competing with my ex-boyfriend, I know one of these days I'll grow out of it. In my current immaturity, however, I'm trying to make sure that when that day happens, I'm "winning" so I can quit when I'm ahead, ha.


@Slanted & Enchanted Oh I just had a dream in which I traveled back in time to break up with an ex-boyfriend before he could break up with me (and I haven't seen or thought about him in yeeeeaaars) so truly no judgement from this 'pinner.

Slanted & Enchanted

@adorable-eggplant This literally made me laugh out loud. Thank you!

Banana Stand Money

@Slanted & Enchanted No reference, just how I felt reading it. Like giant parts of me were dying as a result of reading it.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@Slanted & Enchanted I got stuck in one part of Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and just could not get out of it, so I gave up. As such, I commend you for reading and finishing it.


Thank you very much <3@n


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vine fruit

I have never had a pie speak to me in the way that everything about this one does.


@vine fruit YES. Same here.


I found cute taupe ankle boots at Target, but I have never been able to conquer Infinite Jest. And I've been unemployed multiple times with that being my number one goal. And 1000 times yes to the rest.


I really do think I'm the only person in the world who earnestly enjoyed Infinite Jest. There is something truly, terrifyingly wrong with me.


@DairyCat Oh I loved the half I read: most dead on depiction of addiction I've ever come across, among other things.

vine fruit

@DairyCat Everyone* loves it, it's just hard to finish.

*Probably some people don't love it.

Banana Stand Money

@vine fruit I did not love it. There were parts of it where I thought I was going crazy because I only had recommendations from people enjoying it, and I thought there was something wrong with me that I didn't like it.

vine fruit

@Banana Stand Money Haha, fair enough - I'm a big proponent of not having to read things you don't want to read. I was just taking issue with DairyCat's idea that no one (else) actually likes Infinite Jest.


@DairyCat I'm sorry! Please don't take issue with me! I can't handle that and the knowledge that I enjoyed Infinite Jest. It's too much at once!!!

Banana Stand Money

Oh god, just don't finish Infinite Jest. Unless you're doing it because you like the language, because it's not worth it for the plot.

I finished it earlier this year after working on it for the better part of 8 months on and off, and I wish I had those 80+ hours back that I spent reading, stressing over whether I was "getting it", and getting into arguments with people who were just kind of dicks about "how to get it".

Then again, I don't have to read any book for cred ever again. And I wouldn't have felt that way any way other than finishing one of these Really Hard Books.


If you really want to wrap up your search for taupe ankle boots on Zappos, just tag size 12 onto the end. You're welcome!

And no, I'm not at all bitter that I have to look really hard for cute shoes for my giant feet.


@daisicles I'm working on accepting that Zappos doesn't ship to Canada, despite having my favourite boots that fell apart this fall on sale for $100.


@daisicles Just signed in to make that exact comment. Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) unite!

Faintly Macabre

@daisicles High five, my bigfooted sister. You probably know this, but Nordstrom carries some nice shoes in a 12! I almost got a pair of taupe ankle boots at Nordstrom Rack this fall before realizing that the pair that fit me well wasn't real suede.


@Faintly Macabre I have definitely heard about Nordstrom! I had assumed they wouldn't have anything since I almost never find anything in regular stores, so it was a pleasant surprise. Now if I could just convince more stores to carry my size in the cheap cute shoes I need for that one outfit I won't be wearing more than a handful of times a year, I'd be in business. I am definitely happy to invest in shoes I'll be wearing a lot, but there are some pairs of shoes where you just know that the amount of times you'll wear them won't justify a high price tag.

(I'm shopping for inexpensive flats for a wedding right now and it's very traumatic.)


Oh god, I'm working on accepting the fact that I'll never be the type of woman who shaves her legs. It's so awful! How do you do it! I've just embraced being very hairy. It's winter.


@RNL I manage to shave my legs once a week or maybe once every two weeks, and I feel SUPER accomplished about that. Waxing my legs I can't EVEN. Embracing hairiness is the way to go.


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Having VPL at the (office) gym. Decided to not care about that several years ago. I have, however, finished Infinite Jest :)

sulpicius subuculus


you're welcome


Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on an essential part of being human by not understanding Jeff Goldblum's appeal!

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