Thursday, December 19, 2013


Nico Muhly Reviews Beyoncé

Speaking as somebody in a relationship with Ambien, I have cooked naked, half-naked, sad, and angry. I have a variety of small oil spatter scars across my abdomen which only healed quickly enough to be replaced by others caused by more ambitious culinary efforts — have you ever pan-fried veal on an hypnotic? This song speaks to me, especially now that I have been taken off all drugs fitting this description. I usually wait for my man to be physically at home before I start cooking for him, and I would, perhaps, recommend the same for Beyoncé, because it is good to have somebody chop herbs fully clothed. I love this guitar sound. She has it basically doing fading pulses across an irregular number of beats, and it is the perfect musicalisation of anxiety that isn’t directed anywhere except into the atmosphere it inhabits. The trick, beloveds, with anxiety about where your man is at: you can’t be too mad, because there is always the off chance that he has been struck by a car and isn’t, in fact, creeping. This song really “gets” it, in that sense; it is anxious, but in a luxurious environment, which creates an additional anxiety. The urgency is a simmer rather than a boil.

The very brilliant composer Nico Muhly reviewed the very brilliant Beyoncé over at The Talk House, and speaks a deep truth to the "Drunk In Love" video: "The dance moves for this video are essentially the only ones I know how to do in public or private, so this is, quite literally, my jam." [The Talk House]

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lasso tabasco

OMG, her dance moves in this video!!! They are so awkward. So so awkward. I feel like she did this on purpose to make her fans feel better about their own awkward dancing. I love it!


I absolutely love how this guy is so appalled by the choice to not use live, real strings. In general having a classically trained musician enthusiastically consider this album is an engaging read. It is refreshing after looking at that VICE liveblogging review.


@JuiceBox I like that he's not just grumpy about the use of synths, but rather has specific critiques about how real strings would have improved the album. Like, Beyoncé DESERVES real strings.

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