Thursday, December 12, 2013


Ishmael: What a Man

The characters are as rollicking and fun as the ocean setting. The narrator, Ishmael, is just a really good guy, while Ahab, a ship’s captain, allows us to remember that anger happens when we don’t process our sadness, which is every bit as precious as our joy. Ultimately, “Moby-Dick” is a gripping story about a diverse group of men putting aside their differences to create lifelong friendships on a hand-crafted sailboat.
Hairpin pal Sarah Miller wrote a series of "positive book reviews" for The New Yorker. That lady sure loves Mitch Albom! [TNY]

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Congratulations, Sarah! Looking forward to reading this.

de Pizan

I can't decide if the review for Crime and Punishment or Killing Lincoln is my favorite. Are we taking bets on what the next book in O'Reilly's "Killing [Historical Figure]" series will be?


@de Pizan "the Little Engine That Could of elderly pawnbroker murderers"

I just . . .

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