Monday, December 23, 2013


Holiday Programming Note

Season's greetings. A quick note: We'll be light on #content around these parts this week, as we attempt to realign our brain cells and stare at and interact with things that are not on a computer screen, but we will have a series, beginning tomorrow, that seeks to highlight outstanding women from the calendar year 2013. Hopefully you will like it. We'll also be rounding up some Greatest Hairpin Hits to share throughout this week and into the first day of 2014, so look out for those, they are all a delight.

Thanks for your support. As always, I welcome your feedback and love notes here. Let's go drink some nog.

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and it's not even my birthday

You were a great help to me this summer, which was kind of a hard slog. I'm happy to cut you a break.


Oh.... my.... God@t


I hope this is not bad internet etiquette to repost this here (I put it in the last Friday Open Thread yesterday, but I don't think anyone's lurking about in there anymore) but I am having a mini-meltdown over whether I should bother doing the Christmas Day thing at my mom's tomorrow, and here's why...

Any advice on how to handle a Christmas-with-Family when I just last night found out* that my dear (needy and attention-craving) sister has been banging a serious ex of mine, and my mother and stepfather both have known for months and months and no one told me even though I already knew that they'd reconnected via Facebook and were "just friends" now (which was weird enough, considering that they weren't that tight to begin with)?

The best part? My mother called me last night to ask for advice as to how to comfort my sister… who just found out that my ex does not want to pursue a relationship, FWB or otherwise, with her.

A few details:
- It was a serious ex, and the breakup was awful for me.
- He's one of very few exes that I no longer speak to ever.
- He lives an hour away from my sister, so they did not run into each other accidentally and keep in touch. I am 99% certain she pursued him, years after our breakup, via Facebook.
- I am not jealous of this (I know that seems like a big fat lie); I am just mad at her sneakiness and her need for male attention that surpasses all else. She had ample opportunities to spill these ugly beans and she skirted around it, even though she brought up their (weird) friendship all the time.
- I don't think he is blameless, exactly, but I also don't care what he does "to" me; it's what my own sister does.
- I am happily involved with my awesome BF of 4+ years, and he is stupefied that I am not madder than I am about this.


@Hellcat I think it basically depends on how much you're pissed at your mother and stepfather as well, since you not showing up is much more likely to be hard on them than your sister. Your sister will probably be as needy and attention craving as usual, just over a different (much touchier) topic, so if you can deal with that, then toughing out Christmas is probably the better plan.

Looking a few decades in the future, you not showing up for Christmas is likely to loom larger than your sister chasing after your most awful ex, so if you can pull off the whole "being the bigger person thing" (which sucks, but sounds like that's what you get to do a lot anyways?) the long term outcome for you is probably better, even if the short term sucks ass.

And there's always "I thought we'd start a new family tradition- mimosas!" if you need it.


@ptthhhbbbbt Well, thank you--you seem very wise! And at this time of year, that is to be admired!

Anyway, my sister didn't even show up, even though she could have had a double platform of attention: her "breakup: with my ex and the car crash she was in (minor--she's OK; a little sore and the car's front end is a bit messy) on Tuesday. This worked out for me but we're having family hangout part two today and I don't know if she'll show up.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

It's kind of strange to see Hairpin reruns and think, "didn't I read this already? Are we in a 'Calling Your Girlfriend' kind of situation again?" and then realize I just get to re-read some of my favourite posts over again. That, combined with this week's original material, feels like all the stuff I like about the holidays and none of the stuff I don't.

(Stuff I like: getting a bottle of wine. Stuff I don't: My cousin telling me that she's giving me said bottle of wine because she didn't want to go shopping for my gift, and pulled a random inexpensive bottle out of her cellar)

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

I'm just gonna treat this as like a FOT and say HI EVERYONE and how was your Christmas, if you celebrate it? And if you don't, how was your Christmas?

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