Thursday, December 5, 2013


Get This Look: Citrus Fruits

1. Lemons

Despite their varied uses and singularly acidic flavor, lemons weren’t widely enjoyed as a fruit for well into their storied past. One of its first recorded uses was as a pelting agent, hurled at a wayward high priest during a festival in the 90s BC. If no high priest was available, anyone who had crossed you would also suffice. When not being used as a weapon, these tough suckers were employed to cure scurvy-riddled sailors with vitamin C. Drink up that sour juice, y’all; rub it all up in your wounds while screaming in a vain attempt to prove yourself a titan. Lemons ain’t got time for your frailty.

Get The Look:

GTL – Lemons


2. Limes 

The most important thing limes ever did was to be worse than lemons. They were a cheaper, less effective form of citrus, and were thus often found in the pockets of most British sailors. They cured no one of scurvy, but earned the Brits the popular and not at all derogatory nickname “limey." A worthy perfume base and gin and tonic’s best friend, limes are also thought in some cultures to be a key component in compounds created to rid homes of evil spirits.

Get The Look:

GTL – Limes

3. Navel Oranges

Navel oranges are different from ‘common’ oranges in that, at their top-most region, they contain a secondary, smaller fruit. To conceal this, they wear an artfully placed top-hat and make small-talk in a charismatic fashion, touching you gently on the elbow while maintaining eye contact.

Get The Look:

GTL – Navel Oranges

White top hat
$7.52 - amazon.co.uk

Swim Tube | eBay


Until next we meet—looks for life. Speaking of which, if you’d like a bonus citrus look, please click here.


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That was nice..@n


Two points:

1) You are selling the lime short if you do not mention the pinnacle of lime-expression, the margarita.

2) "Vivienne Westwood, Pirate Collection" WELL THERE'S MY CHRISTMAS LIST ALL PUT TOGETHER.

de Pizan

Yay, the return of GTL!


I <3 the Clementine full-length terry cloth jump suit in the "bonus citrus look" link. Perfection!


Yay hooray! GTL is back!


Yes!! GTL is one my favorites. Thank you!!! :D


SUPER glad you are back!!! Love both pairs of shoes, though I was hoping for grapefruit (preferably white, the sourest kind, but I would take ruby red).

Elizabeth Rose Kites@facebook

So disappointed to not find a Buddha's hand! Now that would've been a look...;-)


OMG yay! Hairpin is bringing out all my faves this week! That lime look is calling out to me


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