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Friday Open Thread

It’s Friday, it’s December 20th, it’s almost the end of 2013. Truly we hurtle toward the arbitrary designation of a brand-new year together. Thanks for hanging out with us this week, in which we:

• Learned about the Dopeass Tea Wizard, who loves his fucking kettle, and received another coal-bright bit of Baba Yaga (happiness is a thing that passes through you, not a thing you meet & hold in yr deathly grip for ever afterwards).

• Wrote a sestina for a terrible publicist, formed a book club for Ross Douthat, and built spite houses for all our ex-husbands.

• Learned how to get shit done from both the original Mary Poppins and Feminist Ryan Gosling creator Danielle Henderson.

• Talked about the uncool-cool of a cappella and the seductive French mountain mysteries of The Returned.

• Debated the most important question of our age and took a two-part academic look at Roe vs. Wade, 40 years later.

• Stood in solidarity with Michelle (Hobby: Drinking / Best friend: none / Boyfriend: none) because one day, she too will be grown.

See you guys Monday!

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