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Did We Buy Any Cool Stuff This Weekend?

I spent Black Friday lying on the floor watching a bunch of 10-year-olds make stretchy bracelets, and I don't like shopping generally and have never shopped on that death trap of an occasion. But I also think that the "We're Above This" anti-Black Friday attitude is sometimes more like "We're Above This in Terms of Our Income Level" and I would like to know if any of you have gotten good deals over the weekend or online today! I've been suppressing a low-level desire to get new books, fancy pens, and a purse that's better than the $7 H&M one I've been carrying for a year.

I actually did buy something just now: this dress ($15 off!), for a December wedding. And maybe we should all be buying our Christmas presents? Or maybe we should all just retreat to the woods from December 24th-January 2nd? Yeah, let's do that, that sounds good.

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I am proud to say that I Christmas shopped, and online only (my love of actual shopping is second to my hatred of Black Friday crowds). I am not as proud to say that I did throw in a few things for myself while I was at it, mainly because one website I like e-mailed me some "please, please come back; you've got shit in your cart!" coupons.

(Why, why, why do I keep having to log back in every 12 seconds?)


@Hellcat (I don't know but it's happening to me too - help!)


1000 like @a


I got this cool ring w/a 20% off coupon: http://odetteny.com/klaia-cage-ring-brass.html, a Tardis tea infuser for my bf (Thinkgeek free shipping code) and a hat and blouse from Kate Spade Saturday (30% off everythang). I used ebates for the last two to get some money back.


Through the Indies First thing on Saturday, I stopped at my neighborhood bookstore and picked up a gift for my teenage sister in law (Rookie Yearbook Two) and some books for my toddler, all while listening to scads of white yuppies fawn over a very charming and talkative Sherman Alexie, who was talking up books he liked and taking pictures with people. I'm debating getting some nail polish for the SIL today to round it out.


Where I live, we call it Small Business Saturday, which is not a very beautiful phrase, but it did remind me to go to my local independent wine-and-cheese store and buy a case of mixed bottles of wine for 20% off, which was delightful!


I'm Canadian but Black Friday has become a thing here? Even though it's not Thanksgiving and nobody has the day off work to shop? Anyway my major score was a Ralph Lauren goose down duvet marked down to $179 from $500. I've been looking for a reasonably priced, good quality 100% down duvet for ages (protip: they are expensive as fuck) so I couldn't pass it up. Oh my gosh, you guys, it is SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE.


@likethestore that sounds amazing


@likethestore Some British companies are trying to make Black Friday a thing too. Honestly, this isn't a thing that really needs to escape the US, but at least it makes slightly (very slightly) more sense in Canada, where I assume retailers are trying to attract people who'd otherwise do a bit of cross-border shopping.

Fantastic score on the duvet, though!


One year my roommate and I went to her sister's cottage around Dec 23rd and didn't come out until... the 27th or 29th or something.
There was no heat, no running water, no electricity. It was well below freezing. We had a wood stove and we skipped out on all of Christmas. It was great.


I bought myself some cute work shoes on super sale but unfortunately most of our Christmas shopping budget this year was eaten up by airfare to see two different families, so our presence is our presents I guess.


Re: But I also think that the "We're Above This" anti-Black Friday attitude is more like "We're Above This in Terms of Our Income Level"

Why is that bad? I mean honestly. I might be a numbers dork but I think about how much time I need to spend to save X dollars and compare that to what I make at work and see it it's worth it. I mean not that what I make at work is exactly what my free time is worth but it's a number to work with.


@garli I thought she meant it like "we make enough money that we don't need to fight crowds to get a deal, we'll just pay more for the convenience of less hassled shopping."


I hate big pushy crowds when shopping, and for years my budget was so tight that it didn't matter how good the deal was, I couldn't afford anything they were selling on Black Friday. One year, still broke, my husband waited outside for 2 hours for the big toy that was on sale, so we could afford to buy it for our child. They only had 4 and he was 7th in line, so all that time and lack of sleep was wasted. Even now, with our better financial position, it's rare I see a deal on something in our gift-giving price range. So I never shop that day.

BUT, this year I happened to see that the gecko setup we planned to get our oldest daughter was 50% off on Black Friday. I didn't get up for the 6 a.m. opening though. I just figured I would head over after I woke up and see if there were any left. There were! And everything there was super chill, I got to pet some doggies, and on the way home the guy in front of me in line at Starbucks paid for my coffee. So it was a pretty awesome day.


I like to be above actually leaving my home on Black Friday but not above buying cheap shit. So:

-I go on underwear buying sprees, which is a self-fulfilling prophecy because all of the last spree's underwear starts to get gross and non-elastic and occasionally holey at the same time, necessitating another spree. This spree was done with that 50% off at the Gap. I also threw in a belt for my husband just so I could pretend like I was Christmas shopping.

-My tv has been slowly dying for a month or two now (one half of the picture goes dark and it needs a smack) and we finally bought a new one yesterday with a weekend long sale at Sears.


I'm Mexican and our version of Black Friday was a few weeks ago but I got overwhelmed and didn't buy anything.

This weekend I got most of my shopping done. It took forever to find the gift my little sister wanted for secret santa (a circle skirt NOT black. Every store has them on black) but The Body Shop had a great "buy 2 get 2 free" sale, so I got a face serum for myself, a hand cream for my gandma (hardest person to shop for EVER), a BB cream for one sister and an eye cream for the last sister. It was only like 40 dollars.

I also went to a local brands event and I got a nail polish made from natural ingredients. It sucks, it looks like my 2 year old niece painted my nails :( Back to deathly chemicals!

Got a woolen scarf for my boyfriend last week (is it the least romantic present ever? I can't top my gift from last year, anyways) and now I'm missing my mom's gift (a gift card from a spa, have to wait 'till I'm home to buy it) and my best friend's, still undecided.

Wow, this was l0ng, sorry!


@Mariajoseh I'm just happy because last year I couldn't afford a $300 plane home (mom paid with credit card, I only returned half of it) and this year I can actually buy PRESENTS!


@Mariajoseh I dunno, I think scarves can be romantic presents. They make me think of warmth and cuddles and so on.


@serenityfound that's so sweet! you're right :)


I don't do Black Friday shopping as a general rule, at least not in stores. I have very little patience for crowds and try not to go out during peak shopping hours at any time of the year, so Black Friday is my idea of hell. But I'd saved up for this dress for my friend's wedding and I scored 30% off, which was enough to let me go shop the Body Shop's online 3-for-$30 sale afterwards.

I was pleased, anyway.

or Elsa!

For me, it's not a privileged-income perspective but a two-decades-of-retail perspective. All those years working in small independent businesses, Black Friday was almost always a losing proposition for us: crowds of unlikely shoppers would storm the small storefront expecting steep discounts, trash the displays, and leave empty-handed... and of course our beloved regular customers would (wisely) stay away until holiday crowds thinned out in January.

Black Friday cost us money in extra hours for the staff to manage the crowds and clean up after them, damage to delicate merchandise, and shoplifting, which is much easier amid a crowd. I always always tried to persuade the owners to close for Black Friday and they always always wished they had after the fact, but they'd forget it by the next year.

So my Buy Nothing Day resistance has nothing to do with a sense of superiority. It springs from sheer exhaustion. Those days patrolling the barricades of an overrun shop have used up all my Black-Friday patience.

I didn't go out to buy anything, but on Sunday I did take advantage of a ThinkGeek free-shipping offer to buy a teeny tiny present which otherwise would have cost more to ship than to purchase (and which my local comic shop couldn't procure for me, because I checked weeks ago). I will probably take advantage of non-Black-Friday sales to buy some new underwear, too, because no one wants to give me something so unglamorous for Christmas.

Faintly Macabre

@or Elsa! Yeah, I don't see how being against Black Friday is being insensitive to poor people.

Most of the better-off people I know who are against Black Friday feel that way partly from concern for people who don't have the luxury of opting out of an opportunity to make money and thus are essentially forced to work during a holiday. I'm guessing most of the people who think it's an opportunity for the poors to buy stuff they really need cheap aren't getting up at 3AM the day after Thanksgiving to go work amid rabid crowds. I used to be mostly indifferent to Black Friday until I noticed how it crept earlier every year and finally into Thanksgiving.

Also, most things are not cheaper on Black Friday! There were approximately a million stories last week about how while maybe a few loss-leaders were good deals, nothing else is much cheaper than in surrounding weeks. Black Friday is not some altruistic holiday designed by retailers to provide cheap gifts to the poor.


@Faintly Macabre i totally agree with you guys - not saying that all people who are anti-black friday are enveloped in class superiority and i'd like to think that nearly all of my distaste for the day stems from the labor issues and appalling consumer mania - i think that phrasing came out of me just trying to stay conscious on a personal level of the many privilege things that play into me being like "oh gross i don't ever, ever, ever need or want to buy a flat screen tv"

Faintly Macabre

@j-i-a Thank you for clarifying! I agree somewhat, and I try to reserve my judgment for the retailers, not the shoppers, though that's sometimes hard. For me, most of the class issues I see that counter my viewpoint are that Black Friday might be some people's rare family day off to shop before Christmas, and that some people might not have the education/information access to distrust the ads. (Though then that gets perilously close to thinking that lower-class people are in a lower class of intellect...) Like a lot of class/consumerism issues, it's thorny and complicated.

or Elsa!

@j-i-a I know (and have been guilty of) exactly what you mean, and it's always valuable to run a self-diagnostic privilege-check.

I just making this argument: while some of the Black Friday distaste is privileged-class snobbery, there are very real middle- or lower-class objections to it, especially the desire not to inflict the excesses of the day on front-line workers (people who hold a job I once held, or something very similar) who can't afford to say "No, I won't open at 6 a.m." or "No, I won't work Thanksgiving night" or "No, I won't stay 'til midnight."

I'm poor (oh crikey, so poor) but in this scenario, I'm a potential shopper, not a worker, so I can afford to say "No, I won't inflict this on those workers by participating."

Rose Camelia

@or Elsa! "No, I won't inflict this on those workers by participating." Hearty agreement! I try to avoid cooperating with the retail industry. My partner and I make purchases throughout the year, always watching price, putting aside items intended as gifts for future events. We're usually 3 to 6 months ahead of events, allowing us to avoid the "holiday shopping season". Black Friday would not exist if enough purchasers opted out.


I can't deal with crowds, buuuuuut that does not preclude me from online shopping. I've been waffling on buying myself an XBOX 360, and last week amazon offered the 250 GB version (plus two games) for only $10 more than the 4 GB version I'd been eyeing, so. Merry Christmas to me!


I definitely bought myself 3 pairs of shoes yesterday (ostensibly to replace two pairs that are falling apart...plus boots) and, on Friday, stuff to put together as my work Gift Exchange item. Two of those plastic wine-filled glasses, a salami, some brie, crackers, and a little basket - throw in some homemade cookies, it's a Mini Picnic!


I bought my first Christmas gift, albeit on-line: some Punjammies for a friend who will appreciate the premise of the company. They had a 25% off deal, so I pounced, only to see that today they have a 40% off deal (D'OH!!!)

I didn't do much deeper research than the company website, so if anyone has anything critical to say about the International Princess Project, I'd be all ears.

Miss Kitty Fantastico

I am pumped to say that I just found a replacement pair of my favorite neon red pumps on sale online for 75% off!!!

I'd bought them in the spring, wore them and wore them and wore them until one of the heels started to pop off. I took them to my shoe repair last week and they said it would be about $50 to fix since they would have to take it apart and put it back together.

I was idly searching for a new pair of red shoes on Cyber Monday sales and found THE SAME EXACT PAIR in my size for $40. I AM SO EXCITED TO GET THESE BABIES IN THE MAIL.

chickpeas akimbo

I needed some new pants, so I bought some new pants (same pants, three colors) online at 40% off. Does this count? I hate shopping, crowds, cold weather, holiday music, and forced cheer, so plan to stay inside until April. I may rouse myself sufficiently to come to the door to meet the pizza delivery man. We'll see.


@j-i-a that's one gorgeous frock you got there, lady. AH CANNOT WAIT TO HOLD YOU (also, marriage, yep).


I do not feel good about that website that tallied injuries and deaths that happened on November 29th.


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