Monday, December 2, 2013


Comedian Aamer Rahman on "Reverse Racism"

"I could be a reverse racist if I wanted to. All I'd need would be a time machine, and what I'd do is get in my time machine and go back in time to before Europe colonized the world and I'd convince the leaders of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America to invade and occupy Europe, steal their land and resources... In that time I'd make sure I'd set up systems that privileged black and brown people at every conceivable social, political and economic opportunity..."

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Yes! So excited this showed up here. :)


Oh yeah, lay that sexy truth bomb all over me dude. ::goes to find on youtube::


Wow! This is such a nice insight. I'd gladly share this one to my friends. - Aldo Disorbo


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Yes! Go see Fear of a Brown Planet if you get the chance. They are awesome.

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