Tuesday, December 17, 2013


But How Feminist Is Your Dry Cleaning?

In virtually all aspects of life, women share the same rights as men. But for some reason, that principle hasn't quite made its way into drycleaning ... ZIPS Drycleaners says, that's just not right. It's bad enough that women make 77 cents on every dollar, they're also expected to pay more to clean the clothes they wear to those jobs?

Over at The New Republic, Noreen Malone takes a look at a new marketing scheme (some might call it pandering) by ZIPS Drycleaners, which is offering flat-rate pricing for its customers, male or female. (This is, apparently, a legitimate issue that I did not know existed.) [TNR]

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Isn't it the same BS with haircuts? If I go into my neighborhood salon and get a simple straight across trim on my long hair, it costs significantly more than what my husband pays for a men's cut which is more complicated and difficult. So annoying. I need to learn to trim my own hair.

Elitist and Dull

@zeytin In addition to the utter BS of the "more complex women's hairstyles" excuse (what on EARTH is harder to cut than a fade?!) I've also heard it's okay because men go in for trims all the time, but we only go in every few months.

By that logic, I should pay less for gas, since my awful geriatric land-yacht goes through so much of it, but a hybrid that gets 40+ MPG should probably pay more because they don't need to fuel up as often.



or go to the barbershop! lots of them are happy to cut women's hair (for the same prices)


This is insane.@y


dude this is definitely a thing. I always look less polished than many of my male coworkers because dry-cleaning is expensive so I try to stick to clothes I can wash. Granted, the dress code isn't so formal at work dry-cleaned clothes are required, but it would help. Cheap drycleaning would mean that my life would be better/I'd look less shlubby! I'm legit looking up this place now.


It's only a legitimate issue if you have your shit together enough to have your clothes dry-cleaned which... I do not.


@klemay This. Unfortunately, I also am strangely bad at ironing #foreverrumpled #<3uknits


@klemay 3rd-ed? Yeah, I live in rumples sweaters and denim.

On the rare occasions where I need a dress or shirt dry-cleaned I always wind up making sad faces at the receipt.


@klemay After working retail where we steamed everything, I bought a steamer and basically haven't ironed since.

Better to Eat You With

The argument has always been that women's clothes are more complicated in their tailoring than men's, which when I iron, makes a ton of sense to me. But is also kind of a bullshit excuse to overcharge.


@Better to Eat You With Oh that makes a lot of sense. Or it does for dresses and the like, but I've noticed that I get charged more for plain old button down shirts - my boyfriends' cost like, two-fifty apiece and I want to say mine are four dollars? Which I now understand is a dollar-fifty markup on the shirt having to accommodate boobs.


It's bad enough that women make 77 cents on every dollar

That's on average, though, right? I think it's something like, white women make 80 cents on the dollar, African-American women make 69 cents on the dollar, and Latina women make 59 cents on the dollar.

womp womp patriarchy.

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