Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Bradley Cooper Reviews Paradise Lost

“Milton, bro? Milton. Fuckin’—that was the end of it. Motherfucker’s 57 or whatever, blind, dictating it to his fucking daughter-nurse—Paradise Lost? I mean, I just couldn’t… That poem fucking killed me. Satan? That character was un-fucking-believable. I could taste him in my mouth, dude, reading that. I really, really, for some reason, connected with that poem.”

Bradley Cooper is on the cover of GQ this month. Does this bit make you more or less attracted to him? I honestly can't tell. Maybe if he'd said it in French? [GQ]

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Why do fancy men not wear socks anymore??? Those leather shoes: that cannot be a comfort choice.

ETA: I mean, look at all the nice socks out there: http://www.mrporter.com/product/383556


@adorable-eggplant And there are less expensive, but still quite serviceable sock-options. This will never stop bugging me.


@adorable-eggplant I do not know! My boyfriend is like "yes buy me all the socks" and so is my father, and actually so is my mother and basically my whole family loves socks? (Also, my mother and I knit, so some of those socks are fabulous hand-made socks, though my boyfriend only rarely wears the excellent pair I made him because they are "too warm". Whatever, wool breathes!)


I read the play out of self-interest. At the time, I was tackling a lot of supernatural readings myself. I read into Dante, Faust, and many others. I am so stoked for this movie and I hope they do it justice.@t

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