Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Ask Baba Yaga: I Feel Tired and Ill and Powerless When I Spend Time With My Family

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Dear Baba Yaga,

I feel tired and ill and powerless when I spend time with my family. They love me very much and I love them, but I still feel like an alien around them. How can I learn to spend time with them and not feel exhausted and depressed afterwards?


With your family, you are  as planet–fixed & solitary in your orbits, & you; the coldest loneliest one,. But this is not:the you-yourself. Neither is it the truth of yr family that they are such. ;Remember the animal of you with its heat & hunger, pacing the stars & tearing them open. ;So is yr family made of need&itching bones.  Angry as it is, the stew of all yr bones together is better & truer than All yr mutely orbiting. Feel yr own meat & howl out to theirs when the fire draws you close.

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Taisia Kitaiskaia is a poet, writer, and Michener Center for Writers fellow. She's taking questions on behalf of Baba Yaga at AskBabaYaga@gmail.com.

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my god this is beautiful. and completely true/necessary, right this minute. thank you.


love it! gorgeous @y

vine fruit

Oh, I like this one very much.

vine fruit

Oh, I like this one very much.

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