Tuesday, December 17, 2013


A Very American Spite House

All houses—even all spite houses—are beautiful. Except for this house. This slideshow is the opposite of the Sunday Real Estate slideshows. (Let this also serve as a reason to go watch the wonderful Queen of Versaille on Netflix. You'll want someone to hold throughout it, though.) [FastCo]

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Ruby Shoe

Guess I have to make the Ugliest (Gingerbread) House in America now...


OMG, this is amazing!@t


I can't explain why, but I'm getting this unshakable sense that a Scientologist would live here. So many beds and reflective surfaces.


okay its pretty ugly but I kinda love it. it hits all that 'house as a labyrinth' buttons as the winchester house or the swiss family Robinson house but with out being fictional or intentionally awful as a house. I love all those pointless stairs and balconies and split levels.


@Onymous Yeah, I mean, it's the worst (those ceilings!!!) but I'm kind of into the fact that it's multiple existing houses all cobbled together.


@OhMarie The fact that it's multiple houses cobbled together makes it the best. It's like someone took the homes that several of my family members had when I was a kid and welded them together with balconies and this monstrosity owned by Donald Trump that I saw on the Travel Channel once.

There's just all these little architectural features that are instantly familiar to me despite the layers of weird ugliness and it's kinda freaky but kinda cool at the same time.


"Good design typically solves problems, but here it seems like Hostetler just created problems." These photo captions are the bitchiest and it's amazing.

isabelle bleu

This house is...er...something else!

However, gotta say: living in the nightmarish, over-valuated city of Vancouver, BC, it's a RELIEF to see a million-dollar house that actually looks the part!


I love it! Certain choices remind me of my grandparents' house circa 1985. (I have spent way too many years in homes that bore the hell out of me.)


The owner clearly loves tile and stone yet the pool deck is all splintery looking wood.

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