Tuesday, December 10, 2013


A Post-Lunch Tab

"You are a typical egg-laying chicken in America, and this is your life: You’re trapped in a cage with six to eight hens, each given less than a square foot of space to roost and sleep in..." Here is a tab that you should probably only click on after you've eaten lunch. [Rolling Stone]

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That is one pretty interesting read. - Lindsay Rosenwald

Rock and Roll Ken Doll

I think you're forgetting the true victims: the family members of vegans who already had to put up with this shit two weeks back.


Can we not do the "lol annoying vegans" thing here please?

Rock and Roll Ken Doll

whooo boy. I would've thought that "true victims" was enough of a clue that this is a joke? i myself am a v. annoying vegan

H.E. Ladypants

As long, long time vegetarian I admit I live in a bit of a bubble, so I'm hoping the kind people of this community will indulge my curiosity. Is this surprising to anyone? I was sort of under the impression that most people knew how the meat/milk/eggs in this country get made. Am I wrong? Is this news?

This really, really isn't a comment on anything, I'm just genuinely curious!


@H.E. Ladypants Yeah, I mean, I'm glad Rolling Stone is doing a piece about it, but this isn't surprising to anyone, right? Is it? Maybe it is.

That said, I've been a vegetarian for more than ten years now but the piece is renewing my periodic desire to cut back on dairy and eggs, so I guess this kind of thing is useful even if you are pretty well informed.

Sea Ermine

@H.E. Ladypants I knew about this but I know a lot of people to whom it would be super surprising so it's nice that this article is going out. I think most people assume that, because they wouldn't treat a chicken that way (hypothetically, like, if they had their own farm in another life) that no one else would so of course the average chicken is treated fine. I also know a lot of people who are aware that the stuff mentioned in the article happens, but that it's a rare occurrence rather than the standard, who might be surprised to know how common it is. It's not something that's taught in school so you do kind of need to either go out of your way to research it (which means you have to be aware that a problem exists that might need to be looked into) or you need to have friends or family that discuss these things.

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