Friday, November 1, 2013


The Instant-Watch Pie

Previously: The Hoarders Pie

Ann Friedman is watching First Wives Club again.

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Absolutely, 100% accurate.


@Gulf of Finland Yup. Nothing to change.


@meetapossum OH! Actually. Maybe less docs and a sliver for terrible horror movies.


50% Magnum PI
50% Columbo


@Onymous Are we soul mates?


@Onymous I have such an (unreasonable? ridiculous?) crush on Peter Falk as Columbo, I could watch that show a million times over.


50% obscure films with actors I have a short-lived crush on
40% films Netflix suggested to me
10% films I actually added to my queue because I heard about them somewhere besides Netflix

And then I get DVDs in the mail and wonder what the hell I was thinking when I requested the DVD in question because the time delay means I forgot why I added them in the first place.

My instant viewing queue, on the other hand, is straight up 100% stuff I'd like to watch at 2 AM. No critically acclaimed stuff here!


30% critically acclaimed foreign dramas that look really depressing
30% TV series I added during the shutdown and stopped watching when it ended
20% comfort movies/miniseries for when my husband's not home
10% movies I added because something about them is ridiculous (She's All That, ghostwritten by M. Night Shyamalan; Flashdance; Pizza My Heart)
5% critically acclaimed silent movies my husband added after reading Francois Truffaut's interviews with Alfred Hitchcock
5% Asian thrillers & horror movies


50% British versions of American shows or movies I like or American versions of British shows or movies I like
30% Terrible horror movies I added six years ago during A Phase
10% Documentaries about Vikings
10% Werner Herzog

Sam Se@facebook

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George Templeton Strong

I have gotten hooked on weather-related the-world-is-ending-type cheesy disaster "films." Apparently I was unconscious during the mid-00s and missed the whole Category [insert a number] TV mini-series series. Category 6 had Nancy McKeon. Category 7 had Gina Gershon as the heroic Director of FEMA (made in Katrina Year 2005; oops.) There's a Category 8. I also recently saw this odd Anglo-German production called Post Impact with Dean Cain. A meteor strikes Northern Europe and an Ice Age ensues. For reasons known only to the Germans the heroes are desperate to get back to Berlin. Spoiler alert: During this new Ice Age there are ice geysers. Excellent!


I have so many depressing indie dramas in my queue that half the time I go in there, and I'm like, "UGH I JUST WANT TO WATCH SOMETHING STUPID." And then watch none of them.


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