Friday, November 22, 2013


The Hungover Airport Struggle


Previously: Dinner With Gerhart and Edna

Dav Yendler is an illustrator and director in Chicago. He draws Lady Puns and dances to beats both fresh and pickled. You can check out more of his work at davyendler.tumblr.com.

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Omg the end to this is perfect.


Hahahaha, love it.@a


hungover is the only way to fly.


I am all about the 3am "drunk sleep" pose. so perfect.


so I love this and Lady Puns and then i was like "haha chicago! i live there! i will go to his website!" and then his website told me that he designed something for the place i work at and then I went into my work chat program and plugged his name in and apparently he's my coworker. the more you know!!


I think maybe you need to accidentally flip a lot of forks on the floor in your lunch room just in case he's there.

Fear Biter

Dav, are you ... how do I put this ... wearing shorts? With a tie & jacket? In what might be construed as a going-out-type-situation?

I pass no judgement on your drunken debauchery, but if the answer to the above is yes, I am judging those shorts, hard.

Oliver St. John Mollusc

Oh my god, the hungover face. That's always what I expect to see in the mirror when I'm hungover and I'm always shocked to see that my eyeballs are pointing the same way and I don't have mold growing on my teeth or something.

etc etc

This is my exact plan for NYE.

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