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The Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial

Today: The Hunger Games Makeup Tutorial

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Katie is a producer in Texas. Katy is a copywriter in California. They are best friends who met at piano lessons in the early 18th century. In “Just The Tips,” Katy and Katie heed the siren song of “best life” advice in the realms of fashion, makeup, DIY, crafts, and home decor. Their efforts are met with only varying degrees of success; their spirits remain suspiciously undefeated. Follow them on Twitter and Tumblr.

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These videos are getting better and better. Also, what the hell, Cover Girl? What the hell is up with that marketing campaign? Seriously, could you scrape the barrel any further?

Unrelated, kinda (well, we're talking about makeup), can someone recommend decent eyeliner tutorials for a 32 year old with the makeup skills of a toddler?


@sycofan Funnily enough, I was just poking at the internet for eyeliner ideas. So I had this link on hand.


Make Up For Ever's website also has some fun video tutorials for different looks that I've been playing with for the last couple of days.


@sycofan I was poking around for eyeliner tutorials the other day and I did like this video:

Unfortunately, none of the tutorials solve my particular problem, which is 'how do I apply eyeliner when I have to juggle the eyeliner, my eyelid, and the mirror I need to hold to actually see what I'm doing since I'm hideously nearsighted (and don't wear contacts) and the big mirror in my bathroom isn't enough?'. I took a stage makeup class a few years ago and had a nice big magnifying mirror and even then I had to get so close that I couldn't really fit my makeup brush between my face and the mirror. It's sad.


@daisicles I can sort of offer a solution to your, hideously nearsighted issue, or at least, give you my workaround for days when I don't wear contacts but want eyeliner. If you have enough room in your bathroom, try one of those magnifying mirrors? I've got a nice one that's normal one one side, and magnifying/convex on the flip side.

...and angled brushes, oh how I love thee. Because otherwise I can't get close enough to the mirror to see and still have room to get a tool with pigment in to actually line my eyes.


@celeec4@twitter Hmmm... angled brushes might just do it. That's my main thing really, just trying to figure out how to make room between the mirror and the brush so that I don't end up accidentally jamming the brush into either my face or the mirror.


@sycofan Yeah, I have something like this.


It helps. As do magnifying mirrors.


The dark lipstick is actually pretty sexy... o.o;@n


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I love this so, so, so much.


Really looking forward to any and all future posts that are able to be categorized under "may the force be always in your noodles".

Emma Carmichael

@hellosweetie I anticipate hundreds.


So, have you guys read the books? Because, like, the evil of commercializing children fighting to the death was kind of a big theme... and now we're seeing the "fashions" of the capital being promoted? Or the other day I was at Subway, and they have Hunger Games themed sriracha sandwich sauce and soda cups with Hunger Games contestants on them (collect them all!) and I just feel like there is something something irony something something life imitates art.

Confession: I love the books, and I am a full-grown adult human with a job.


@blueblazes OH MAN. I'm teaching this in class, and this is kind of a cool point to bring up. THANK YOU.

Hot Doom

@blueblazes Yes! YESSSSS. I just finished the trilogy about a month ago and shit howdy, I loved them (and am embarrassaed) (no I'm not) even though I am sort of an adult (does 29 count as an adult? I don't know yet). But yes, the Subway campaign, jesus. Since the themes of consumption and capitalism are so strong, I wonder if Suzanne Collins gave up and was like, 'yeah go for it, guys' with the licensing, or if it's the movie companies who sold those rights.


@Statham And thank you, sir, for Snatch.


@Hot Doom Exactly. The thing about the Subway tie-in, especially, just felt so ON THE NOSE for exactly the kind of tie-ins they'd have in the capital leading up to the quarter quell. And combining "girl on fire" imagery with Sriracha, of all things... I wish I could have been a fly on the wall of whatever agency dreamed that up.


@Hot Doom I suspect that Collins doesn't have much of a say re: marketing. I mean, she could probably come out and say publicly "wtf are you even doing" but as far as how licensing and rights for movies go, basically the movie studios get to do what they want most of the time. It's unlikely for an individual author to be able to dictate the terms of the license such that she can actually veto ad campaigns or merchandise.
(I enjoyed the books but thought that she sacrificed some depth for the sake of accessibility, and the first film even more so, and it wasn't really necessary - you can have depth and accessibility at the same time. I still just love that they exist and are popular, though, if only because Katniss gets to be a heroine who is legitimately kinda prickly and later, allowed to have real PTSD symptoms (we shall see how the films handle this, since so far they've shied away a bit from the bits of the first book where she really just loses it).)


This is so cool! Nice. I think I might do a little of this with my girlfriends. - All State Van Lines Relocation

lucy snowe

...Not embracing the circus within is the thin filament that holds our society together...

:D :D :D !!!!!

honey cowl


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