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The Funny Girls Pie


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Ann Friedman is laughing at the ghost of Christopher Hitchens.

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I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

Goddamn, I love swear words. Also, I once had a phone conversation with Margaret Smith, and was cry-laughing pretty much the whole time. She was so dry and pretty much just made fun of me and I LOVED IT.


This is awesome! I will try it! Thanks!@a

Lily Rowan


(Also, Dear Awl Media: I like that the feminist response to that review was on the comedy site.)


It is EASILY 50% does not understand female anatomy/thinks periods are gross lalalala




Magazines are just trolling us now. This is the future.


@supernintendochalmers I spend a lot of time assuming that any easily dismissed article about X was actually paid for by X in hopes of stirring up defensive goodwill.


@Onymous Ooh, I love that theory! Sarah Silverman doesn't seem like the type to me, but hmmmm.


I also want to add that Brian Lowry's attitude that you're only successful in comedy if you currently have your own TV show is an impossible standard, and one which all comedians hear echoed from their relatives at some point. Sarah Silverman is massively successful. Any comedian who is making their living solely from comedy is successful. The idea that she's "frittered around the edges of breakout success" is ridiculous. It's weird, because it's like if you found out that a friend worked in an office and asked, "Oh, are you the CEO of the entire company? No? Well, keep plugging away! Maybe if you weren't so XY&Z someone would discover you!"

Not to mention that for many comics, just being able to do stand-up is the goal in itself.


@supernintendochalmers That's what I've been thinking about! She's, like, in the top 10 in terms of comedian success right now.


@supernintendochalmers There is a high-profile comedian in Aus named Wil Anderson who has basically come out and said that the only reason he does TV at all is because it raises his profile enough to sell tickets to his standup shows. He'd quit TV in a heartbeat and just do standup if he could pay his bills solely with that income stream alone.

What I'm saying is, Sarah Silverman is actually living the dream many (that one) comedian/s with their own TV shows dream of.

conniving little shit

@supernintendochalmers I'd be ok with him quitting TV as long as he keeps doing his new podcast. Comedian podcasts [that aren't US-based] are what I dream of, personally...

lucy snowe

I have to admit, I'm not generally laughing at Sarah Silverman, but that's nothing to do with her prettiness or ladyhood. Comedy is personal, and Silverman's sense of humor leans more mean than dark for my taste.

But it boggled my mind, reading that article the other day, how anyone could think she's not successful. She's in everything. She works with everyone. People who don't even like comedy have heard of her. What's missing? I don't get it.


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The PhD I am procrastinating as we speak is about illuminating and exploiting (i.e. using!) a dissonance between funniness and sexiness when staged with the female comic('s) body. Anyone want to point me at some performances or writings that I may have missed?


@hoo:ha WHOA THIS IS AMAZING. What do you have on tap already?


@OhMarie It's practice based, so I have created a series of performances that try to tease out the dissonance. Just look up hoo:ha on youtube and you'll find a few. And I'm mainly intervening in humour theory, so Morreall, Bergson, Chafe, etc. Plus Dolanian materialist feminism. One of my favorite performers to write about is Ursula Martinez... I recommend her act Hanky Panky as a pretty good example of what I mean by harnessing this 'dissonance'.

lucy snowe

@hoo:ha I don't know if you're only looking at contemporary examples? If you're also interested in more historical ones, I think Mae West is pretty hilarious (both!)


@lucy snowe Agreed... she fits into the bit about F->F drag and gender parody nicely.


Tip: post this article to Facebook if you want to get a lot of REALLY defensive responses from guys you thought were otherwise cool


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Why girls aren't funny comedians: youtube.com/watch?v=npUYWt-LX-Q


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