Friday, November 1, 2013


Out With the October, In With the New Susan Miller Forecast

We made it. October was really sort of a rough one, wasn't it? But now, new month, new us, and my Susan Miller is looking really promising. This month I'm going to be "smarter, leaner, tougher, and more able than ever to cope with anything life tosses my way" (doubtlessly she refers to Movember and NaNoWriMo, which both represent long-standing, overly personal trials to my soul); also, Jupiter's going to be "swirling pixie dust here, there, and everywhere" to up my romance game, and work-wise, I'll be thinking "exceptionally clearly." Everyone get ready for some exceptionally clear blogging this month.

So, was your October as bad as Susan Miller said? Is your new forecast also full of joy? Did you too start checking your Susan Miller as a joke and then start believing in it as a practical method of releasing part of your burgeoning tendency to maniacally schedule and control? Have I been driven to astrology because my other form of life management is being ruined by Atlantic pieces? Do you feel like you match your sign? (I'm starting to feel like I am pretty Scorpio-y.) How do you feel about Movember and NaNoWriMo? Should we hijack Movember by refusing to wax our facial hair for a month? The future, though forecasted sunnily, remains chock full of questions.

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I thought seriously about printing a blank calendar page for November just so I can put all her important dates on it. I mean I haven't decided not to do that yet, honestly, I just keep getting sidetracked. I'm pretty stoked for November though, if she's on the money pretty much at all.


Dammit Love it!!!!!!!!!!!@a


I can't believe it JosephineTan98 already my November is looking up - how exciting!

I started reading Susan Miller almost 10 years ago, and I still haven't had absolute proof that it's true, but neither have I gotten proof that it is bullshit.

If my new boyfriend - who has a vasectomy - gets me pregnant next week than I'll tell everyone and we can start a "Susan Miller for Presidential Astrologer" campaign.


October wasn't that bad for me, although it wasn't great. I don't really believe in astrology but I find it interesting to see what she says. Now I'm nervous, though, because she says November will be a big month for my career and I just got a job interview! So I guess I only buy into it when it's good news.

Briony Fields

Gahhh, Susan Miller! I started reading her almost three years ago, when "Saturn is in your house making life very difficult". This was supposed to ease up in like, 8 months and not happen again for 40 more years or something, but then she was like, PSYCH! Now all the other planets are combining in a special never seen before way to make your life hell for the next four years, lol!

Anyway, she hasn't been wrong about my life being shit, so points to her I guess.


@Briony Fields Fellow Libra?? I blame Saturn for literally everything 2010-2012.


So does anyone else say "rabbit, rabbit" first thing when they wake up on the first of the month? I've only heard about it in BSC's Little Sister books, but it's supposed to give you good luck. I said mine this morning, just in case.


@large__marge I say "rabbit, rabbit" too. I thought I got it from Nickelodeon but I also read the Little Sister books so I may have well gotten it from Karen.


@large__marge I do that every month, and I got it from the Baby-Sitters Club too! I thought it was the regular series, because I only read one or two of the Karen books, but who knows.

I literally have never heard of it outside of the BSC series. So weird that my brain has decided that tiny detail was worth holding onto for 15+ years.

Mariah Mantis@twitter

@large__marge Yes! My dad, who is not superstitious at all, told me about this one, so I took it extra-seriously as a kid and still do it now when I think about it. The other piece of it for me is saying "hare, hare" as the last thing you say on the last night of the month.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@Mariah Mantis@twitter I've heard so many different versions of this that I don't know which is true!


@large__marge Another former BSC reader checking to agree! I actually woke up BEFORE my alarm today, and remembered to say it first. November is going to be a wonderful month.


@elissa_what? Last night I went to sleep after midnight so I said it then, but I said it again when I woke up this morning because I'm not sure of the rules. Hopefully that means double luck and they don't cancel each other out.


@SmartCookie Having turned my nose up at the Little Sister books and Karen in general, I can say that I definitely heard about it through Nickelodeon and the calendar thing they used to run with little factoids about each day. So maybe you got a double dose of rabbit rabbit trivia.


@daisicles Karen is really the worst, isn't she?


YES I read Susan Miller at the beginning of every month. Also I scheduled a Thanksgiving party for the 30th and THEN read Susan and saw the following:

The weekend of November 30-December 1 would be perfect for entertaining for giving a holiday party at home (it must be at your home, not a restaurant for this aspect to spin its magic). Uranus, now in your home sector, will receive a direct beam from the Sun in your house of friendship. It doesn't get better than this!



Yes, my October was exactly like she said it would be, esp. the blow out fight on Oct 1st, which coincided with my first anniversary. I've been surviving this week in particular by clinging to Susan's promise that things will start looking up on Nov 10th. P.S. I'm participating in Movember by growing my own bonafide leg sweaters! Warmer calves, here I come!

Tragically Ludicrous

October seemed the same as any other month.


Oh man I hope Susan is right because I really need a job and I am waiting to hear back from a second interview I went on last week and why won't they just hire me NOW I'm obviously perfect for it asdafghjeifjei!#@%$#%#%. Also if I don't get a job by January I will be moving in with my parents, KILL ME NOW.


Uh, any other Aries want to come hide in the corner with me? November doesn't sound so hot for us.

My October was pretty rough, although not end-of-the-world so.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Well, I guess not waxing my facial hair would be easy to maintain while I'm on vacation...


I am not a big astrology person, but my birthday (February 19th) was always listed as Aquarius when I was younger and has slowly shifted to Pisces over time and this makes me irrationally angry. Anyone happen to know what's up?


@OhMarie That just means you're on the cusp! Cusps are interesting...

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@elissa_what? I'm a cusp dweller too, right on the line between Cancer and Leo. I like to think this just makes me a crab with a lion mane.


@OhMarie slightly embarrassing to admit that i know this, but it depends on the time and the year of your birth. you can use a fee natal chart website to find out which you are


October was terrible for me. I am FORCING November to be better through a sheer iron will! Also, NaNoWriMo! This is the year, you guys...this is the year I win.


I started out thinking that I had a pretty good October and that the whole doom and gloom about the month was overblown, but then I remembered the first half of the month. The half of the month I decided to ignore in favor of my much cheerier past few weeks. So never mind! In the end, though, I think it averaged out to be a decent month.


I wish you would stop with this fear-mongering based on junk science. If my dog died last week it's because of the planets? Syrian kids blown to bits because mercury is in retrograde. Honestly, if I want fear mongering, I'll read that stupid terrorist threat colour code thing.


Yeah, October sucked balls and November's been no better so far (all 15 hours of it). I'm certain the reason is astronomical rather than astrological. The sun's not up when I leave for work anymore! This makes my whole day awful.


My October was really awesome. Suck it, astrology.


My October was pretty good on paper, but I found I was persistently trying to chase away the blues. My November forecast is all about love and work, which are two areas I don't feel excited about right now.
Though I'm supposed to have a good aspect of "meeting someone new and interesting to date" around the beginning of the month, and good news about my career the last week of November, around when my annual performance review is supposed to be. So.... we'll see about that.


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