Friday, November 15, 2013


I Thought I Was Dreaming When I Heard This Mashup Of The Little Mermaid & Ke$ha. Then I Realized: Dreams Do Come True.

Heads Up, Haters:  Dan Chamberlain Has Done It Again. And You Won't Believe How Good The Little Mermaid and Ke$ha Sound As A Duo.

First Ariel Speaks. Then Ke$ha Starts Synthing. Then The Beat Kicks In. Then We Raged At Our Desks Until Friday Was Over. All It Took Was A Perfect Mashup Called "Part Of Yr Wrld."

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Aaaand this will be on repeat on full blast in my library all day (all week? all month? all year? FOREVER??)


@NormaDesmond Where is your library?? My inner five-year-old and my current self both want to know!

ETA: Unless you mean the library in your house, which I just realised you probably did. Will not stalk! sry.


@MashaNigel oh no, your first inclination was correct. I'm a librarian at Nickelodeon.

Cliterary Device

I really just couldn't finish listening to the song, but truly Mr. Chamberlin, here's a gold star for your gumption. That took cajones.


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