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Friday Open Thread

Friends, we’ve done it once again. That’s right. We have won the 1929 Girls Sports Day Tournament, and as we pose for our picture, let’s reflect upon a week in which we:

• Talked to a jeweler about pearls, and to Baba Yaga about depression.

• Made some alternate sexy suggestions for People (my favorite is still Gary Clark Jr.) and recognized the latent gayness in our beloved literary characters.

• Fell in grudging love with poetry and recovered from heartbreak in Bangkok.

Struggled at the airport after a heated dinner with Gerhart and Edna.

Lost a tampon, found a cervix, and made pie charts about the people who think that’s gross.

• Let the pickup artists give us an alpha makeover, but maybe we should just change careers instead.

That’s all! Have a good weekend, and we’ll be back at work on Monday for a shortened week before the Great Food Coma begins.

Photo via Jhayne/Flickr


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