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Friday Open Thread

We made it! How was your Halloween? Did you bake a Pentagram Pie? Did you get any trick-or-treaters? Did you dress up your dog like an angel and then feel an intense sense of shame the next day? Did you encounter a handsome demon who only spoke in Jock Jams lyrics? Did it happen to be your birthday, and if so, do you feel gifted with second sight?

Tell us about all of this and more in the comments. Thank you for hanging out with us this week, in which:

• We were ridden by the hag, confirming our sense that there is horror everywhere.

• We found love in a hopeless place, i.e. a gallery of funeral selfies.

• We spent six weeks walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrim trail, an activity probably best done with a hurse and worst with a durse, or maybe a Celine purse.

• We read some whiskey poetry (Sometimes, when they disappear/ men take a jelly jar of whiskey/ with them) and caught up on a dozen creepy-ass books.

• We thought about Cameron Diaz’s nether region: “Do you think that’s weird, that I just shave the sides?

• We talked about writing memoir, and rewriting fairy tales.

Time to catch up on some juicy television and pour one out for each and every one of the 22 men in America named Richard Hole. See you on Monday.


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