Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Add a Sweatsuit to Your Dress, For Fashion

Today: Sweatshirts Under Dresses

Previously: The Stego Pony, the #GlitPump.

Katie is a producer in Texas. Katy is a copywriter in California. They are best friends who met at piano lessons in the early 18th century. In “Just The Tips,” Katy and Katie heed the siren song of “best life” advice in the realms of fashion, makeup, DIY, crafts, and home decor. Their efforts are met with only varying degrees of success; their spirits remain suspiciously undefeated. Follow them on Twitter and Tumblr.

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Anne Helen Petersen

Just the Tips + AHP = Luv 4 Ever


Wow. I just found Katy & Katie and I love them. I want to be their best friends. They do little videos trying tutorials they find online. Making my day.@a

lucy snowe

They are adorable! If they'd told me how surprised they were to find that a bulky sweatshirt under a cocktail gown was actually a great idea, I would probably have believed them. or wanted to.

de Pizan

That sounds like the most uncomfortable and lumpy thing ever.


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I have done this once with a less formal jumper-style dress and I looked like the hipsterest hipster to ever hipster. I will wear the hell out of my fancy sweatshirt OVER a dress though.


Okay, I was for real trying to figure out how to get more wear out of the little silver sequin dress I bought for Halloween last year, and thought the answer might be a button-down shirt underneath. But a sweatshirt?? Go home, Ms. Wintour, you're drunk.


@cuminafterall Anna would never. This ridiculous idea is from Glamour (Vogue's slightly embarrassing cousin?). I propose wearing a fancy sweatshirt over your sequin dress! I've seen people wearing sequin skirts in real life way more often than full sequin dresses.


Oh MAN! Katy & Katy forever. And.... not only is this a terrible idea, but it's an old terrible idea. I remember Seventeen magazine in 1986 suggesting wearing a sweatshirt or thermal top under a strapless formal for a "fun" look. Fun! For serious!


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