Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Your Evening Art Project

Remember MacPaint, from the beginning of time? Here it is again, now on the new and improved internet. I tried playing around with it for a while and this was as far as I got. So it's been a productive afternoon, overall. [CloudPaint]

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Oh my goodness.


This is pure GOLD. @t


Yes yes yes. And hyper card

vine fruit

This is very exciting.


Can I play Oregon Trail next?


@rekabeka I feel like I could've done better on the GRE if someone had done this for Number Munchers a few years ago. Educational software <3 <3 <3

de Pizan

@rekabeka Not the original, but http://oregontrailgame.net/play-oregon-trail-game-online/ (you can't turn the sound off and it's pretty loud, so be warned). Someone did a zombie apocalypse riff off Oregon Trail that I saw a few years ago, it was pretty awesome.

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