Monday, October 7, 2013


What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

My little brother came to visit me this weekend and we spent a while talking about this question. I guessed that the worst for him (a practical, quiet, ultra-big-picture person) would be over-the-phone technical support; apparently, his friends at college think he'd also be a terrible elementary school teacher. He thought I'd never make it as a toll booth operator in the cash line (I think I'd be okay in the EZ-Tag line because I could read books), and my boyfriend said I'd be the worst at running a "knick-knack small business" (this is so accurate that I am getting hives just thinking about all the trinkets). In turn, I told my boyfriend that the worst possible job for him would be a copy-editor; he (an architect) did not disagree.

Emma says she could never do PR work. What about you?

A moment to acknowledge the unemployment rate and the fact that it is always good to be employed.

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The answer I've been giving to this question my whole life is "astronaut," and boy are the trailers for Gravity driving that home.


@Lauren_O'Neal Yuuuup. My friends are always like, "When do we get to go live on the moon?" and I am just going to stay here on the ground please thank you.


<3 LOVES!!!! @v

victorian rose

Pretty much whatever job I am working at any given point you ask me that question.

Quinn A@twitter

@victorian rose Seriously.


@victorian rose Ha, each job I've had has been like, "oh, well now I can cross this job/industry off the list of things I might want to do ever again."

The absolute worst job for me would be sales, or any kind of job where I had to do a lot of client interaction and networking. I would much rather sit by myself and work on a spreadsheet all day.

victorian rose

@Mae Yeah, I definitely would not do well in a sales or customer-facing job. ::shudders::

I'm just tired of searching for the *perfect* job for me. You know, besides a layabout hairpin commenter. :)


@victorian rose Yeah, my answer is "whoops, the one I spent over $100k training for." Well, there are some aspects of lawyering I am very good at, but your basic litigation attorney job -- heavy on deposition-taking, hearing-attending, public speaking, 80 hour work weeks, and getting yelled at by higher-ups -- is my anti-job. Please just let me sit in the office and do research and write things.


@victorian rose I'm leaning more and more towards "the-perfect-job-is-a-myth" school of thought myself. Which is oddly freeing, I think.

victorian rose

@sophia_h Look into writing and editing legal education/reference materials! You can use your law degree, and I promise it's less stressful than actual lawyering.

victorian rose

@Mae I'd settle for a job that I'd be ok with getting up out of bed to do. One that doesn't crush my soul, my faith in humanity, etc. And pays kinda decent and has health benefits.


@sophia_h Honey, I was a litigator for 7 years. It went against every fiber of my person and character, but I refused to see reason. After I got laid off, I was so lucky/blessed to find a lawyering job where all I do is research and write things. My mental health is so much better.

What is your email address? I think you might be a good fit for my job, and we may be hiring.


@Mae Same here. Sales is not my thing. In college I worked at a clothing store, but it wasn't commission, and all we really HAD to do was greet customers when they entered, so that wasn't so bad. Although it proved to me that customer service was not my forte. Anything that required me to sell to make my paycheck...I would starve.

Briony Fields

@victorian rose ACCURATE.


@stonefruit Thanks a lot! It's skepticgirl (at) yahoo


1. Anything where I'd have to see maggots

2. Daycare teacher - if I can't be patient with my own kids imagine how effed I'd be to other people's.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@iceberg Yes to both, and I almost said "especially to daycare teacher."

My mother and sister both work with kids, and they think it's just the greatest, and I think it'd drive me insane.

Also, waitress at a bar or nightclub, for similar reasons: loud, do not want to have so many whiny, dependent souls clinging to me.


basketball player


I would go absolutely bonkers as a development director (the entire financial future of a nonprofit is on your shoulders, and your job boils down to essentially "high-class begging"). I need to get out of development before this horrible fate befalls me.


@325013498@twitter o man i've def had that thought before. the real tricky ones are the jobs you would die at but are super adjacent to your fields of choice, right?


@325013498@twitter oh oh oh same. Cold-calling for m


@325013498@twitter Weird, I edited that and then it disappeared. I'm the same way, cold-calling for money gives me hives.


@stonefruit I even have trouble calling people that expect to hear from me - thank god for instant messaging.

Lily Rowan

@325013498@twitter Ha! I'm trying to get back into a development management job, because it turns out (15 years later), I don't really like fundraising?

Better to Eat You With

@325013498@twitter I had this job for a while. It was absolute hell. I really don't like my job now. But I frequently remind myself, at least it's not the job I used to have.


@325013498@twitter I'm in development, doing behind-the-scenes stuff, and thinking about doing managerial stuff and/or frontline fundraising makes me want to die a little.


Restaurant chef


To flesh this out a little more, it's not that I don't like cooking (love it). However, the fast pace and constant switching gears and people yelling and the possibility of causing an epidemic of food poisoning -- NOPE

Queen of Pickles


Mmm, I want to date a restaurant chef. Or someone who could handle the fast pace and switching gears and people yelling.

Some people have a thing for firemen...

Faintly Macabre

@TheLetterL I loved the fast pace and constant swithcing tasks of food service, despite being very lazy. But I also have the attention span of a flea.


I'd be a pretty terrible counselor/life coach. Not because I wouldn't have good advice, but because I wouldn't be able to stand it if people didn't listen/follow through. I'd make a terrible lobbyist or politician for the same reason - "But you're just WRONG!!!"


Working in a call center. My previous job periodically required answering phones and transferring calls/taking messages. I never got comfortable doing that and even now I consider calling a restaurant for a takeout order to be an accomplishment, so a job where I had to be on the phone all the time? I shudder.


@daisicles I've gotten really comfortable on the phone at my current job, and it feels like a fucking superpower.


@daisicles Oh, man, I worked at a cell phone call center once. And I had to FORCE myself to go to work. I mean, every day it was a constant battle of talking myself into going. I've had jobs that I didn't like and wouldn't want to work again, but the day I left that call center job was the best day of my life.


@LilRedCorvette It *is* a fucking superpower. Damn phones.


@daisicles Ugh, I did that for a few months and it was hell. Like I spent every minute of every shift actively fighting the urge to just stand up and leave until I finally actually did. It's not that I don't like talking to people-- it's that you don't get one damned minute to just sit and breathe. As soon as you finish one call they connect you to the next and you have to start reading the script over again. Not a single moment for your own thoughts for hours and hours.


Please don't be the job I just accepted, please don't be the job I just accepted, please don't be the job I just accepted...

Queen of Pickles

@Emby Almost certainly won't be! But if you want to share last-minute anxieties here, we can assuage them. ;)


Anything where you have to project the illusion of control: teacher, museum security guard, military commander. Basically I worry a lot about being on the wrong end of a coup.


@LilRedCorvette oh but oh my god, museum security guard is one profession where bitchy resting face would not only be an asset but would maybe be worth listing on one's resume even or something. Every time I go to the National Gallery and one of the doorway guardians gives me a Stern Look it is without fail just after I thought that some particular painting would be nice to steal. How do they know??

I thought about that as a stopgap job a time or two, except I don't think it is terribly highly paid and there is no way I would put my body between great art and great art vandals like for example that guy who used to protest-vomit on Mondrians.


@queenofbithynia Added to the list: nothing where the phrase "protest vomit" is relevant to my job (museum security guard, kindergarten teacher, etc)


i am so interested in this you guys keep em coming


Sales. I had a few retail jobs as a teenager where upselling was encouraged, and I sucked at it so hard. I also can't see myself being a waitress or a personal assistant without getting ragey at people.

Quinn A@twitter

Basically anything that requires me to do a task after hours of having no work to do. I need to be constantly focused or I get sloppy.

Also, anything that's math-heavy. I wasn't terrible at math or hard sciences by any means, but there's no way I could be an engineer or a chemist or a mathematician. My brain will work that way, with a lot of effort, but I'll get a headache and want to cry. I couldn't do that for eight hours.

Queen of Pickles

@Quinn A@twitter

My brain will work that way, with a lot of effort, but I'll get a headache and want to cry.

Exactly! Or as I call it, the "just-good-enough-at-math-to-feel-guilty-about-not-doing-STEM" paradox.


@Quinn A@twitter I am not at all sorry to report that being a chemist isn't nearly as math-heavy as you'd think. Mostly what I do is multiplication and division.


@Jenn@twitter As a chemist: today I added 10+1+1 just to confirm that yes, it was 12.


@Beaker INTENSE.

I'm still amused that I was required to take through partial differential equations in undergrad, but I've never used it past that point...


@Quinn A@twitter Amen to the constant focus! I thought I was alone in this - I need to be busy or nothing gets done.


Personal trainer. "You can do it! Go! Go! Go! G-Oh fine let's go get a smoothie and sit down."


@Amphora I would hire you.


@Amphora "you wanna smoke first or... no? just... me... ok"


Definitely sales. I worked at GAP and was consistently in trouble for not selling enough GAP credit cards. As in I sold one. In over a year. It was to this 19-year-old girl (approximately my age at the time) and the whole time I just wanted to tell her not to do it. It was very difficult for me to let her actually go through with it.

I'm really good at math and dealing with difficult people, though. Let's figure out what that career path is!


@moreadventurous Oh god, selling credit cards. I did the bare minimum I could get away with, and it felt awful every time, especially since the people I was selling to were often poor and most definitely not in need of a store credit card with predatory interest rates.


@moreadventurous Ditto for sales. I just cannot charm/pressure people.


@moreadventurous Try something in business/data analysis - you have to basically coax people into telling you what they actually want, so that you can then figure out how to provide it, and/or explain to developers what the requirements mean on the tech side. It's a great role for people who are strong in logic, but don't mind actually communicating with non-tech people, unlike 80% of the developers I know.

Also the pressure to sell is why I have never worked a traditional retail job, so terrifying.


@moreadventurous Accounting, maybe? :)


@moreadventurous ahhhh RETAIL


@moreadventurous I think these qualities plus your unwillingness to encourage people to make poor decisions with their money would make you a great financial adviser or counselor of some kind.

The Moose's knuckle

Tightrope walker. But it would be over quickly.


Sales, especially anything with cold-calling. (Retail is really not my favorite, but going out and traveling around to sell things would be so much worse.) Maybe tied with medical professions where I am likely to be barfed on. Cannot handle barf.


Also sales.

And I could never be the person who has to do blood transfusions....I would spend most of my time lightheaded or on the floor.

Queen of Pickles

Social media on behalf of a corporation.

Anything where I have to repurpose the brand strategy, revitalize the dreamscape of management's vision, or listen to someone say "synergy" with a straight face.

Anything where the ladies are fancy and bitchy and bored, and say cutting remarks that always sound like questions.



@Queen of Pickles ugh yes, my brief stint as a marketing intern showed me the horrors of "brand strategy," social media, and internet-y things. It was the most passionless place...

victorian rose

@moreadventurous @queen of pickles i just quit my freelance marketing/social media gig. i think the only way I could be ok with doing this in the future is if it was for a non-profit or museum. but convincing people to buy shit? ugh, no thanks.


@Queen of Pickles UGH. Late to this thread, but you have mentioned all of the jobs I've had over the last ten years. I am pretty OK with them, I can swallow the corporate BS and turn it into something relatively readable, or something that at least makes my managers happy. And some days it's fun! But I also hate trying to trick people into believing something that isn't really true, or buying something that they don't really need. But writing for corporate is better than being a magazine editor! Although I have to say the stereotype of the bitchy bored cutting lady is not true, in my experience. The ladies I worked with were fun.


Having a business, any business. I could be selling box-mix brownies by the side of the road; the concepts of expenses and net profits and balancing books is enough to make me break out in hives.


Criminal defense attorney. Holy crap, people could actually and literally die if I screwed up! NO NO NO NO NO. Too important, too much pressure.

Development director, like people said above. I get hives asking for money from my own parents/friends, what do I want with a professional obligation along those lines.


@stonefruit as a criminal defense attorney, I pick family law as the job i could never, ever do.

granny squares

@stonefruit @velveetachz As a criminal defense AND family law attorney, I choose prosecution as the job I couldn't do! :D

Actually, I couldn't do sales or anything along those lines.


@stonefruit as a former prosecutor and current criminal defense attorney, I pick family law. I once had to sit though a custody dispute while waiting to try a felony domestic abuse case, and the people in the custody case were MUCH worse.

Clara Morena

Teacher and university lecture.
The amount of B.S and the low wages( in my school a lecture gets only 300 dollars a month and you are told last minute if you are going to teach or not). I do not want to be a teacher while I love working with children, I highly doubt I could handle dealing with parent, school districts, standardized testing etc.


@ clara morena I am a high school teacher, and while it is not THE WORST job I could imagine having (worst: temp worker in data entry at a bank), it does cause me so much anxiety that I am often sick to my stomach in the morning before work. It is just constant interaction with people, running between classrooms, and madness. And while I like working with people, you have to be an extrovert to the max. I am so antisocial when I am done teaching.

does it need saying

@MissMushkila are you my cousin?!Love her to death, but have no idea how she can teach high schoolers English :{


Maid/housekeeper/personal assistant to the affluent. I am a proud and incorrigible slob, and also resent service work and capitalism, so OH YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME, RICHIE? YOU'RE FIRST AGAINST THE WALL IN THE COMING REVOLUTION.



Remember the fantasies Barbara Ehrenreich wrote about having when she worked as a maid for a cleaning company?


@hallelujah I like your style.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@hallelujah Just goes to show how different people can be. My dream job might be personal assistant to a rich person with a cat. (Or even just to the cat.)


@hallelujah hahahaha this is how I am and I had cleaning jobs . . .I was not good at them whatsoever even despite being morally outraged constantly, and people I worked for/with honestly thought I was an actual idiot whose lack of brain power they COULD NOT COMPREHEND. Haha. I work as a secretary now and it's not even that much better in some respects, especially because I've been pushing the "detail-oriented" lie for almost a year now and it's ABOUT TO BUST


@hallelujah ugh I worked as a nanny to two very spoilt rich kids, whose parents used me to do their parenting for them and then would undermine me at every opportunity. Plus there was the massive lying down tantrums outside the school whilst other parents would walk past and judgy stare (and he was 9). I used to cry every night. Just HOW I lasted a year I do not even KNOW. I used to really resent them and all their TOYS and MONEY that they didn't even APPRECIATE. Then I'd feel all bad and be like 'they are children you sicko'


Middle management. and just guess what I do.

all I want is power without responsibility but instead I have the opposite. the worst of all worlds.

to all young people: if you ever land a kitten-petting, novel-reading job like what I used to have, never let it go. You will say to yourself, oh, I need to move up in the world so as to pay "rent" and buy "food" and make more than "minimum wage" but you will be sorry, so sorry.

Queen of Pickles

all I want is power without responsibility

Only cats and Caesar, my friend. And look what happened to Caesar. No, but if you mean a personal sense of power, like personal agency, I totally feel you.


anything freelance. i want to put it down at the end of the day, i have no hustle, you guys. leaning way out, over here.

Queen of Pickles

I always wondered where the phrase "leaning in" comes from. Leaning into a stiff wind? Leaning into a secret conversation?


@Queen of Pickles aside from a reference to Sheryl Sandberg, i think you're right on leaning into the wind - it being the only way to get where you're going. (to continue the metaphor, then, i like my work life to have mild breezes, rather than stiff winds)


@karenb "Put it down at the end of the day" is something I learned way too late is maybe my #1 desire in a job--ahead of fulfilling and interesting, even. I just want to clock out after my 8 hours, go home, and do something that matters.


Being a commercial airline pilot seems terrible. 99.9% of the time you're doing practically nothing but if you screw up even one little thing EVERYONE DIES.


@stuffisthings See also: manager of a nuclear power plant.


@stuffisthings same with doctors and so forth. If I mess up at work I give someone the wrong coffee; if they mess up they give someone the wrong organ. Things could get messy.


@stuffisthings WORD


Something detail-oriented, requiring organization, math, and little to no contact with people.


@RNL Seconded.

Queen of Pickles

@RNL The IT department!

does it need saying

@RNL oooh, that sounds wonderful to me, add in no schooling required and I'm there.


Anything customer facing where you had to be nice to people even when they're incorrect and rude.


@garli I have done way too much of this. The tip is working on your perfect customer service smile and thinking about all the snacks you're going to eat on your break. Or maybe before your break.


@supernovice My husband does this (and as a manager so generally by the time some one's talking to him they're already worked up AND wrong) and he assures me I'd get fired my first day.


Advertising. I just could never fathom any interest in ways to get people to buy more KFC or whatever.


Truck driver. I get so frustrated with traffic and driving and SMALL SPACES.


@solvingaproblemlikemaria And parking. Think of having to park the damn thing. Gives me hives just thinking about it.


Security guard. I'd get freaked out at every little noise.


It it bad if I can think of A LOT of things? I think I would be OK at PR, but I'd hate it. The same goes for sales, I have training in sales and I can do it, but HATE IT. I'd be awful at things that require looots of overlooking details, like film director (I know because I directed a 30min documentary in college and I ended up just doing everything). Also, freelance, like somebody above said.
But really, the WORST job is something like mining or picking trash or something like that. Anything where I'm using my education and takes place indoors makes me very grateful.


Actuary, or any job that is built on a foundation of not constantly formulating equations wrong and making sloppy errors doing basic arithmetic.


I worked as one of those horrible charity people who stand in the street with their clipboards outside your favourite coffee shop and are like "do you have a minute for children's rights?"

One day and one day only.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

@supernovice oh good goodness. Did you have extensive training on how to deal with potentially abusive people? And also on how to not accept no for an answer when someone says they do not have a minute?


@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) There was signal we were supposed to give if we were uncomfortable and we DID have a whole day of training on dealing with rejection! I still only made it through one day actually pushin' charity on people. (Even though it paid really well!)


Teacher. And then anything that would require constant contact/interaction with strangers.

I'd be such a terrible teacher, I've had fellow grad student friends tell me that unsolicited. The caveat is that, man, for sure they'd learn, or they'd fail and I'd crush their souls and self-esteem.

Briony Fields

Doctor. I'd be so terrified of misdiagnosing someone. I'd be like, "This rash is probably poison ivy, but cancer of the bone has been known to have rash as a symptom in .00000000003 percent of patients, so I'm sending you to ALL the specialists at the Mayo clinic just to be on the safe side."


I always kind of wanted to be in the Army because I have the same last name as a famously inept military commander, so I could spend a lot of time being like "And what are you snickering about, Private?" and ordering people into disastrous situations and whatnot.


@stuffisthings Custer?


Sales, definitely, or any job that relies on commission - especially because I work in finance now and most of our clients are entitled douchenozzles. I waited tables in college and it wasn't the worst, but then I moved over into clothing retail and despised it. I basically spent as much time as humanly possible restocking the floor, organizing inventory, and revamping the supply closet - my commission pay suffered but my coworkers loved me. And then I quit because they wouldn't give me Christmas Eve and Day off when all my family lived 600 miles away. Eff that noise.

I like having a steady, reliable office job - it might be a little soul-crushing sometimes but at least I don't have to wonder where my next paycheck is coming from. I can't deal with that kind of uncertainty in my life anymore.

victorian rose

@Alli525 I totally agree, but sometimes the soul-crushingness is just too much to bear.



Or a dentist.


Project manager. It is my nightmare.


@TheJacqueline me too, and there's a huge aspect of the job i actually do that requires it, and there are so many details to stay on top of and people to babysit. do not like babysitting grown ass people who should be able to do their jobs without getting nagged.


@TheJacqueline GUYS THIS IS MY REALITY. Project management plus customer service. I despise it, yet it is all that I know. What should I do instead?

wendy darling

@mochi get into film production! it is project management except you're not dealing with the dumb general public, you're dealing with people who are actually good at their jobs and know what they're doing and interacting with them won't crush your soul. plus filming is so fun.


Alternate and less funny answer: My current job if my recent formal complaint about my horrible boss are not acted on by HR. I can't tell if he's sexist, cares more about micromanaging than being correct/getting work done or just was specifically engineered to be the worst boss for me specifically on the planet but ....it's the worst.


@garli I had a job like that. And shortly after I reported him [not that this would happen to you!], I got called in for a formal performance review with him and the head of HR. To review MY performance. Somehow I survived that meeting, but I found a new job with a cool boss. I just couldn't deal with his power trips a minute longer.


@blueblazes Yeah, I mean I'd be more than shocked if they didn't do anything. He manages 4 people and this is his second formal complaint from our department. He also seriously f'ed up some stuff in our computer system last week to the point where the director in charge intervened and restricted all of his access. That can't help his case?


I could not ever ever be a teacher. I know this because I, at one point, thought I wanted to be and tried. The thing is, I only wanted to teach in 'underprivileged' environments, I wanted to help make a difference.

And it turns out that, while yes, you do make a huge difference in individual lives, I'm not cut out to cesar-chavez the shit out of the entire system, and I just could not emotionally handle the rage at participating in such a ridiculously flawed system which would be SO FUCKING SIMPLE to fix.

(btw: you want to fix public schooling in america? the first step is REALLY FUCKING EASY - all of the funding for all of the schools in the whole country, public or private, has to go into one giant bucket. Then, each school gets an amount of dollars directly propotional to the amount of the kiddies they teach. DONEZO.) SEE ALSO: The arrogance of believing I'm right about everything and could save the world if only people would listen to me and do what I tell them, whether or not my idea is right, makes me a horrible candidate to work in a teaching environment.

So instead, I work in the private sector at a tech company, which, eh, whatever. "I can't fix everything my way, so I'm not helping anyone!" is kind of shitty, but I don't know. Interestingly, every "what job should you do" test I've ever taken has recommended farming, ever since I was a little kid, but I refuse to not live in a major city, love interacting with a variety of people, and don't like touching gross stuff, so I dunno how that all works.


@leonstj yeah, my sister lives in maine and hates their property-tax-funded schools, because the richest communities are summer towns with very small schools, and the schools where most mainers live are pretty broke. it is... not a great situation.


@leonstj I first read this as "I couldn't ever not be a teacher" and rolled my eyes nearly outta my dome. PHEW, and word on the world-saving arrogance. Me in a nutshell (speaking of self absorption...).

that one girl

anything where i have to sit quietly at a desk, especially for five days in a row. i can't even get my head around the idea of going back every. single. weekday. or middle management of any variety. i don't even like the idea of working during business hours...too many people in your business!


I don't know what the worst career for me would be, but I do know that people telling me to be a teacher or go to law school when I tell them I'm job hunting fills me with such sadness.

I'm not looking for a career, dummy. I need a job to afford things like a car and Netflix and stationary that I'll never use.

jane lane

Sales, oh my god, definitely sales.

Faintly Macabre

Canvassing/sales. I've had to do a tiny bit of canvassing and cold-calling for the nonprofits I've been involved in, and even standing and handing out fliers to people makes me anxious and miserable. I can be friendly and persuasive if strangers approach me, but not the other way around. The first time I had to cold-call people (just to ask who they were voting for! not even for money!), it took me about 15 minutes to psych myself up. I get so jealous when I meet outgoing spotlight-loving people.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Faintly Macabre Sales is the worst - even when I was little, and "cold calling" was walking around trying to sell candy to neighbors for a sports fundraiser. I couldn't handle it then, wouldn't do it now.

Faintly Macabre

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Yeah, I get annoyed when I get pressured to do that kind of thing for a volunteer position. I know I need to build the skills and sometimes they just need the manpower, but it usually ends up being a waste of everyone's time.

It's weird, because I totally didn't mind pissing people off as an usher. I guess because those people had already broken the social contract and were often breaking safety laws. (I was very nice to reasonable people, though!)


Anything that requires long periods of being/interacting with people. It makes me SO TIRED.


I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that.



Miss Maszkerádi

Customer service or sales. I am much too cranky and blunt, and have much too low a tolerance for other people's bullshit. By halfway through my first day I'd probably have made someone (or more likely myself) cry.




@mimihaha FOR REAL I have had nightmares about this

penultimate toothpaste squeeze

Wow, before reading this, my answer was the job I have now. It is good to be reminded to be thankful for my not as terrible as asking for money, pays for basic needs, kind of close to my field job.

a piece of pie

Entomologist. My skin would NEVER STOP CRAWLING.


Anything with long stretches of a complete and utter lack of things to do. I'm better off with mindless repetitive tasks than no tasks at all. I've been miserable at jobs that in general I liked a whole lot just because I didn't have enough to do. I am happiest when busy.

I also hate phones, but I can deal if forced. Cold-calling would be less than awesome, though.

wendy darling

anything involving late, late nights, or talking to strangers and stupid people, or standing around doing nothing. all things i hate. so "security at a club" would probably fit the bill for all of these.


Canvassing on the street for nonprofit donations would make my skin crawl. I would run away screaming after 2 minutes! Also cold calling and sales would suck. Working for a deep cleaning service would be nightmarish, also teaching most ages of children, working in a hospital or cubicle, or anything corporate in general.

I am a college graduate, 33 years old, and a cook/baker/barista lifer because it's what I like. I can't think of one grownup job I might like besides being an optician. It would be fun to help people pick out the perfect pair of glasses. That, or tattooing.


wedding planner. motivational speaker. geisha.


The job I have right now... Store management. Rude ass customers, teenage part-time employees, menial tasks, all the responsibility, 80 hour weeks, no time to look for another (better) job OH GOD KILL ME PLEASE.

K I feel a little better now. But seriously, two years of this and I'm almost to the point of flipping shit you guys.

Does anyone have any advice on how to look for a job when you're buried in your current one? Sorry to whine, I'm just feeling a little trapped.

George Templeton Strong

Overnight bus driver in Manhattan (or any congested urban area.)

Casanova Frankenstein

I've been saying for a long time that I would be the worst stripper ever, mostly because strangers looking at me makes me straight up angry, and also not being allowed to control the music that's playing makes me angry, and I get cold very easily and I am not a good dancer. I'm pretty sure it would just be me standing on the stage fully dressed yelling "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? THIS SONG IS SO TERRIBLE. PUT ON A BETTER SONG OR I'M NOT GONNA DO IT. STOP LOOKING AT ME."


@Casanova Frankenstein HA! Same here! Hate the cold, hate hate HATE strangers staring at me. Also, since I'm part Italian, there is NO FUCKIN' WAY I'd ever be depilated enough for the profession. Unless it was like, a strip club for the admirers of women in fur onesies.


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