Thursday, October 10, 2013


The Just Admit You're Pregnant Pie


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Ann Friedman is drinking for two.

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I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

50% Politely declined wine at book club
50% Was forced to tell book club why

(Three of my book club ladies are currently pregnant. I think it's catching.)


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Book clubbb! I like that your book club drinks wine at book club. Mine meets in the (late) morning but we often have a beer anyway!


@chickaboom My book club is just an excuse to have themed dinners and boozy arguments. I mean discussions.


chills every time@t


Re: "Dead Baby" jokes, I guess I'm pregnant.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll Mazel tov!


Haha! Thanks!

More seriously, my upstairs neighbors are having a baby in December and I could not be more excited! I like babies in small allotments, so this seems ideal to me.


@Rock and Roll Ken Doll I agree, "tapas style" is how I prefer babies, too.

[watches intently to see if you laugh]


100% She posts a pie chart about pregnancy on Hairpin?

Emma Carmichael

@eiffeldesigns O_O ANNNNNN


@eiffeldesigns Congratulations Ann!


instead of the dead baby joke (maybe my pregnant/mama friends are just weirdos):

15% boobs look fantastic


@stonefruit one conversation literally went:
stonefruit: "[friend], your boobs look amazing!"
friend: "Thanks!"

[friend walks over to husband, whispers]: "SHE KNOWS."

Black crow

@stonefruit I do not recommend that men try this conversational gambit.


My friends: 75% I called them, shrieking "I'M PREGNANT MY LIFE IS OVERRRRRRRRRR!!" seriously, I don't know how people keep that shit to themselves (I know why, obviously, just not how).

25% caught throwing up in work bathroom.


@halleluja yes! to getting caught throwing up. My coworkers thought I was tryîng to work with the flu and kept telling me to go to the doctor because I wasn't getting better


@Threein3 my coworkers apparently all thought I was bulimic until I started showing.


@hallelujah I had to tell my boss pretty early on so he wouldn't take my extreme fatigue/nausea as something job-related.


@hands_down I had to tell my coworkers almost immediately so that there would be an explanation for why I spent the majority of every workday face-down at my desk with a bottle of ginger ale and a box of Ritz crackers, groaning quietly.


@hallelujah although by pregnancy three they were so used to me throwing up in my trash can, I didn't even have to make an announcement. Then I got smart and stopped having babies


90% my brother outed me on facebook, 5% we told ourselves, 5% coworkers with whom I am friends on facebook told everyone else.

2014 Baby Boom ftw!

I still think dead baby jokes are funny.


HAIRPIN it's like you read my mind. Not preggo, but aiming to be, and that 20% freelance-staff pie calling to me.

Also, I'm pretty sure mocktails are never okay.

Clara Morena

I don't like dead baby jokes( but then I'm a fuddy duddy) but this is 73% of me.


Mazel tov, Ann!

My mom figured out my step-sister was pregnant before she'd announced because, as she relayed: "She turned down a glass of wine. She NEVER turns down a glass of wine."


every single one of my baby'd friends- 80% declines alcohol, 20% is weird about eating sushi.


That is a hard thing to admit for all of us, just imagine it if you are in our place. - Ellerslie Mission Society

Leah Crawford@facebook

I made an account JUST to reply to this. This is an awesome pie!

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