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Grimes’ Tour Rider: “If possible, one cute bulldog, french bulldog, pug or pomeranian to visit & hang out”

More of her very environmentally-friendly rider is up at her Tumblr (no disposable silverware or plates allowed, no individually-sized water bottles, the artist and crew will bring their own). It all seems very reasonable, especially the bulldog part; last year, Noisey collected a few more ridiculous ones (Trent Reznor requested two “VERY IMPORTANT” boxes of cornstarch, Queen Latifah asked for a 12-piece KFC bucket and a 12-pack of Rough Rider condoms, Britney Spears asked for bunless McDonald’s burgers and a framed photo of Princess Diana).

What would be on your tour rider? Mine would definitely include a dog or two. St. Bernards, though, with some booze tied around their necks as God intended.


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