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Friday Open Thread

The weekend is here! Elizabeth Bishop said it right in her Robinson Crusoe poem (Just when I thought I couldn’t stand it/ another minute longer, Friday came). How are you guys feeling? Have you staved off the Roosh? If you can stand it for one minute longer, come spill. We’re listening carefully to everything you guys are saying, and as always, we want your feedback anytime.

This week, in our Internet corner:

• We ventured into the clearance section, and to the Nashville Whiskey Festival.

• We wondered what some esteemed New Yorker writers would wonder about poor Huell.

• We welcomed the Affordable Care Act by deciding to finally get that mole checked out.

• We talked to Professor Shoelace, and had a long chat with Estelle Freedman about race, suffrage and redefining rape.

• We learned what to expect when expecting a sea monster, and took some advice from our temporarily departed Baba Yaga: if yr heart spoils, give it to a dog.

• We (“we” being “our ex-girlfriend’s baby tooth“) came out.

• We improved our abdominal muscles through exorcise.

• We learned how music and Manx cats changed one man’s life with autism.

Thank you for spending your time with us this week; we are the most fortunate of cookies.

Photo via James Vaughn/flickr


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