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Every Kind of Purse

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Sara Lautman draws funnies and illustrations.

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I'm basically here for a dialogue about murses, but can we define them first? Do dark, solid-color messenger bags count? Asking for a (boy)friend.

Also, portmanteau words are among my favorites, so thank you for this Sara Lautman :)


@stonefruit My dad calls his purse his 'media bag'.

Ex. "Let's go, Dad, we're going to be late!" "Just a second I need to grab my media bag. Where is my media bag?!" Bless.

eva luna

@stonefruit My dad calls his bag his "sandbag." Because it is heavy as if it were filled with sand? I have no idea.

My boyfriend has a leather and canvas messenger bag, partially because he likes fancy things and partially because I was mortified by the ratty messenger bag he was carrying around.


@RNL Haha, that's wonderful! I love it.


god dammit classic@a


I feel like men not carrying purses is probably the number one example of how Patriarchy Hurts Men Too. They're just so useful.


@Urwelt I dunno, I would much rather have real pockets in my clothes instead of stupid tiny girl pockets (or no pockets at all). But I suppose we can go both ways on equality - as long as I get my pockets they can have purses.


@Urwelt my dad has solved this problem by wearing a fishing vest at all times with many millions of pockets that he fills with his business-y things plus gum, pens, etc. it's embarrassing and adorable at the same time. DADS.


@lemur_niemer I have real pockets in my jeans, but I still find that I generally want to carry more than that on me most of the time. Don't most people? The last time I went on vacation with my dad and my brother, all their stuff mysteriously ended up in my bag, so clearly they understand the utility involved even if they don't carry a bag themselves.

I don't know. Of course, I still support decent-sized pockets... gotta have somewhere to stash my keys.


@mynamebackwards Definitely less annoying than carrying around a purse since it won't slip off his shoulders, keeps him warm, AND doesn't swing around. I like the way your dad thinks!


I carry a bag. It is a bag, not a purse. Calling it a purse makes me irrationally angry, and I refuse to leave the house until my boyfriend corrects whatever statement he made about my "purse" into a proper statement about my bag. (Incorrect: "Would you like me to grab your purse?" Correct: "Would you like me to grab your bag?" Yes! We may leave the house now.) Crazy much? Possibly!


@TrotskyHoldsMyiPod ME TOO! I do not carry purses, never have. I only have bags.



ME TOO, ALSO! I have a bag, and it is my bag. Everybody a bag! Hooray for bags!

Calling it a "purse" makes it seem so prissy and silly. (Especially since my bag is usually a unisex utilitarian sort of canvas and leather satchel, more than a fancy, colorful, feminine little thing.)

Tragically Ludicrous

@TrotskyHoldsMyiPod I have a bag and a purse. I carry the bag on a general everyday basis- it has my larger wallet, my Kindle, my iPod (and big headphones), phone, notebook, academic book that can't go on my Kindle, etc.

The purse (I have several) is for when I go out at night somewhere and don't need all that. I take a smaller wallet because I don't need my supermarket discount card or coffee card or whatever, I don't need the Kindle or the iPod and certainly not the academic book. And it is fancy, colorful, feminine, prissy, and silly, which isn't a negative and better for this situation. Different carriers for different times.


It's not a murse, it's a handtasche. Or so a very defensive friend tells me. Tee hee.


@RubeksCube hee, handtasche is "handbag" in German, and "handbag" is another word for an old lady purse*

*also known as an olurse

de Pizan

If there is not a heavy future use of the way we murse now tag, I shall be extremely put out.


Also, the "durse" makes me giggle. A lot. I recently "rediscovered" the nookie song, and wow, it's even worse than I remembered. Nostalgia!

wendy darling

evidently with the media bag and fishing vest comments, the dads are winning the 'how to carry your stuff' game.

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