Wednesday, October 9, 2013


A Visualization of the Government Shutdown

The clock's still ticking; this elegant visualization shows exactly what that means. A piece at the Nation reminds us that "the government shutdown has already kicked 7,000 children out of Head Start, and endangered 9 million women and children on WIC, including 2,000 newborns in Arkansas that may not receive nutritional formula if the shutdown persists," and details how some domestic violence shelters are two weeks from having to close their doors.

[Enigma.io h/t Emily Greenhouse, The Nation h/t Ann Friedman]

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too angry, can't think of witty comment.


Amazing just amazing@t

vine fruit

Well, this makes me want to cry.

she came in through the bathroom window

"including 2,000 newborns in Arkansas that may not receive nutritional formula if the shutdown persists"

Ladies and gentlemen, the pro-life movement!

(These are HUNGRY BABIES. For fuck's sake. There is no reasoning with people who are okay with letting children go hungry.)


@she came in through the bathroom window: My mother is somehow under the impression that child starvation in America is a myth and the only children that go hungry are children of drug addicts or the mentally ill. I went rageaholic on her on Sunday.

de Pizan

As someone who's on unemployment and SNAP, I'm starting to freak out. I live in Oregon, so I'm pretty lucky in that they haven't yet (and won't) start kicking people off SNAP like a few states have just done. But a notice on the state's webpage says that although SNAP is funded for October, they're not sure what will happen after that. And considering what I get for food benefits is about half of what I usually spend and I ain't exactly a big spender anyway, it's more anxiety that I really need right now. You know, on top of being unemployed and desperately looking for work. Damn tea party.
One possible bright side is a new Gallup poll shows the GOP approval rating is the lowest recorded in Gallup's history, so maybe we'll see the suckers thrown out come election. http://www.gallup.com/poll/165317/republican-party-favorability-sinks-record-low.aspx


1. Gotta appreciate Leon Panetta's FU to the shutdown by bringing back many civ Pentagon employees.

2. Argh, at least in the DC area, DV shelters have already been struggling to stay open.

3. Man, the Repubs better not fail to extend the debt limit later this month.


@nyikint Wow Hagel, not Panetta!! Oops!

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