Thursday, September 12, 2013


The Bro Pie


Previously: The First Response Pie

Ann Friedman still misses Entourage.

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100% love "Ignition (Remix)"


@Lucienne I guess this is also what we have in common with the rest of the population of the world.


@Lucienne correct on both counts


@iceberg I think this must be one of those "you had to be there" songs because I finally broke down and listened to it for the first time just now and yeah just not doing anything for me? I guess I just don't have any associated memories.


@Onymous I cam to "Ignition (Remix)" through John Darnielle's cover.

a runner in the garden

@Lucienne Also check out John Darnielle's list of 100 reasons why "Ignition (Remix)" is great.

"15. the song describes a party where they're listening to the radio play a song describing a party where they're listening to the radio playing a a song describing a party where they're listening to the radio playing a song describing a party and well you get the general idea
16. Which is joy itself! The song has absorbed its creators, its listeners, everybody!"


@Lucienne Just when I think I couldn't love that man any more...!
[And I extra love that the image for that youtube video is just a photo of Darnielle cuddling a capybara.]


@Jinxie That's a wombat!

Regina Phalange

@Lucienne Look what Iiiiiii found...

Another wedge in this pie should be "Really psyched to see 'Don Jon,' because I relate way too much to the (a) Funky Bunch rapping and (b) Scarlett lust."


@Lucienne Thank you for this! I am also in the eternal love for John Darnielle club. I think about how John Darnielle would totally be bff if we lived in the same town really more than a person should. Our kids would play in the backyard and we would hang and talk about all things perverse.


@Lucienne Oh man, in all of my journeys down youtube john darnielle wormholes, I never heard this before. Thank you!


I'm absolutely fascinated.@v

fuck fuck fuck

50% big eater
50% looks terrible in a backwards baseball cap


15% Prefers to drive manual
35% Will sing along to any AC/DC song
20% Wouldn't be caught dead ordering white wine at a bar (unless it's a wine bar)

ETA: 30% Interested in trying to grill the perfect steak


@Amphora Not necessarily grilling, but this is a very solid technique.


@Amphora GET A BIG GREEN EGG. (and live my dream)

ETA: my dream is not the perfect steak. It is brisket that would make an angel weep.


@adorable-eggplant I made brisket for the first time last week! It's fantastic (in the slow cooker).

That steak recipe is intriguing in that it's the complete opposite of Alton Brown's super-hot-oven steak recipe.


@Amphora You should definitely try it the next time you cook up a nice steak. There are a lot of good ways to cook a steak, but this one probably has the best result to effort/skill ratio.


@adorable-eggplant I have a FANTASTIC brisket recipe. You need a large charcoal grill though.


@blueblazes Oh man, the egg is a big charcoal grill, but it's also ceramic (for distributing heat evenly) and egg-shaped (ditto) and basically I want it so, so bad. Do tell on the recipe, though. :)


@Amphora I made a killer braised pork dish that would translate well to a slow cooker, I think, and I will share it because OMG sooooo gooood. Actually, I'm just going to skip the directions to the step that was novel to me: after you sear the pork and brown some onions, deglaze the pan with about a shot of tequila. I also tossed in some capers, and my only regret is that I did not toss in more capers.


100% sun's out, guns out


@cuminafterall Haha, I just deleted a comment saying "Needs more tank tops."


100% supreme air of overblown self-confidence masking crippling self-doubt


100% name is Chad.

Tragically Ludicrous

@wee_ramekin So they just started Netflix in the Netherlands and I went to watch Double Impact, like you do, and on the intro screen they spelled one of the JCVD's names as Tsjaad. TSJAAD. I guess it's pronounced like Chad, but it's way better.


Laughed out loud at "Hungover and watching Sons of Anarchy." There's always one wedge that does it.


@supernintendochalmers Me too, because that was ME last night, except not hungover, just kinda drunk.


@martinipie I've watched the season premiere twice this week kinda drunk and will probably go for round 3 sober because I have yet to make to the end.

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