Friday, September 20, 2013


Louis C.K. on Conan: "Life is tremendously sad, and that's why 100% of people who are driving are texting"

"That's what the phone is taking away, the ability to sit there, like this. That's being a person, right? Because, underneath everything in your life, there's that thing, that forever-empty. You know? That knowledge that it's all for nothing and you're alone. It's down there, and sometimes when things clear away, you're in your car, and you start going, "Oh, here it comes, that I am alone," and it starts to visit on you, this sadness. Life is tremendously sad… so you're driving and go "Ahhh" [grabs phone], and that's why we text and drive. I look around, pretty much 100% of people who are driving are texting."

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Fear Biter

Louis, I really love you ... but you know what gives me the forever-empty? When people use the expression "I cried like a bitch."


@Fear Biter This is so true. However, I loved this because I feel like he managed to somehow describe Buddhism in a hilarious and relate able Louis CK manner (or at least what I've taken away from meditation/yoga/Buddhism)- that we spend a lot of time running away from feelings like sadness and anger because it sucks to feel them, and those feelings usually end up coming out in other ways as we try to avoid them. But if we learn to face those things and meet them head on and allow ourselves to feel what we perceive as the worst, we're a lot more likely to come to a kind of peace with ourselves. Whether or not people relate it to Buddhism or not is irrelevant, but it's awesome that so many people who might not otherwise hear this train of thought will because of Conan + Louis.

Fear Biter

@ohbladi Oh for sure. I loved it as well. Especially the very point he was trying to make in that moment - how allowing oneself to feel sad feelings actually can lessen their hold on you ... right up until he totally undermined it by equating it with behaving like the worst thing you can be in our society - A Girl. Who Cries.

Just wish he'd said "I cried like a baby" instead. We already know he thinks babies are stupid.


i have occasional bits of depression. at first i was so confused because depression makes no sense. and as i was sobbing alone in my room i kept trying to fight it and i kept screaming to myself "why is this happening to me???" later my therapist said to stop fighting it. to be okay with being sad and let it flow over you knowing it's a temporary feeling.

it really was beautiful and i felt so so much joy and clarity afterwards@m


There's something about the ouroboros of Louis C.K. talking about the failures of modern technology in short soundbites that are pulled up on iphones and then eagerly shared with people during a time when we could all just be mellowing out over pre-dinner wine and music... I don't know if there's a word to express how he is created and destroyed endlessly by the soundbite sharing technology and crabby modern people from whence come his keen observations.

But basically I think it boils down to Louis, just make a quilt or whittle something and you will feel better. Same for everyone who feels compelled to email or facebook this link to me.

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