Monday, September 16, 2013


"I take songs and turn them into other songs": The Melker Project III

DJ Scott Melker, of such mashup projects as Skeetwood Mac (notably "The [2] Chain [z]"), strikes again with The Melker Project 3, a full-length remix "opus for the ADHD generation," per his press release, that combines "more than 200" old and new pop and hip-hop songs and will apparently satisfy "even the snobbiest music aficionados." EVEN THEM. Or will it?

Anyway, if you're into this kind of thing, give it a whirl below or over here (some lyrics NSFW), and/or download it for free here. There's some craziness on there — track four in particular. And whatever starts happening about a minute into track five. Scott, do you take requests?

Previously: The Melker Projects One and Two. Also: "Last Night Daft Punk Saved My Life."

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This is very good but then the first one has a lot of similar combinations as the last Girl Talk album?


Got my head bobbing :D@v

up cubed

Is there a trick to downloading this? It seems to want to install some sketchy software.


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The songs are really great. They are doing a fine job making this thing work. - Connie Sellecca

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