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Friday Open Thread

Today we say farewell to summer Fridays and hello to 5 p.m. Open Threads. How do we live, even? Anyway, this will catch you up on the week that was:

• We talked to AHP’s mom, and Arisce Wanzer, a transgender model. An important takeaway from the latter:

No, I’ve always been boy crazy! I just love boys. I think they’re so cute, and also so awful, they’re just the worst for you.

• We got over a breakup or two, and quit cardio.

• We started to understand the bros. OK, not really.


• What happens when a man writes a woman? What happens when Cormac McCarthy reviews Miley Cyrus videos?

• Jared Sabbagh’s epic sexual history came to a close, for now.

• We engaged our cores, and, um, a dickhole.

See you back here Monday.

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