Monday, September 30, 2013


Donkey Ambulances for Afghan Women in Labor

"Afghanistan has some of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world, and a high concentration of donkeys. Enter the maternity saddle—a new invention that promises to carry women in labor across Afghanistan's difficult terrain so they can get the medical care they need."

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[The Atlantic]

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Yikes. The most unpleasant part of active labor, for me, was the car ride. Cannot imagine how unfun a donkey ride would be, blow-up saddle or not. But also, wow. "Cool and sad and cool" about sums it up.


@TheBelleWitch Seriously. While in labor I think I would have preferred hiking in the snow to sitting still on anything for more than 30 seconds.


Love it already@l


So you're saying...they have an assload of donkeys?


@PotatoPotato ahahahahah


@PotatoPotato You pun was bad and you should feel bad!


This is what I was thinking. EVERY SINGLE BUMP on the way to the hospital (then from, then to again...because they sent me home the first time) was very, very unpleasant. Bumps plus straddling something that is moving sounds really very unpleasant (but better than maternal mortality, of course).

lucy snowe

I'm thinking a ride on a donkey would have been a good thing to try to get labor started in the first place-- probably more effective than eating chili peppers or climbing stairs, both of which DID NOT WORK.

Why don't the doctors ride donkeys to get to where the laboring women are?


@lucy snowe Fewer doctors than women who need them, I'd guess. If you've only got one or two in a large district, you can't send doctors out or there would never be any at the medical centers.

This is a cool invention to help address an awful problem, but it still looks pretty terrible to me.


So you're saying...they have an assload of donkeys?

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