Monday, September 16, 2013


All the New Music Is Out (Mazzy Star, San Fermin, CHVRCHES, Britney)

Welcome to the new week and a welcome crop of fresh music! NPR's First Listen has some great stuff streaming right now. First is "Seasons of Your Day," Mazzy Star's low-key return after 17 years of influential absence. Second is the self-titled debut from San Fermin, whose single "Sonsick" I'll just never shut up about; third up is the first full-length from CHVRCHES, called "The Bones of What You Believe." I saw them on Saturday, and when the audience was yelling compliments at lead singer Lauren Mayberry (a tiny Jenny Lewis-style heartbreaker), she very sweetly said, "I'm sorry! I can't hear you because of my earplugs, but I assume you're saying something like 'Your music is so intelligent' or 'You're quite articulate in interviews,' right?" My favorite song from CHVRCHES, which came out a year ago but is so pleasingly Knife-like, is above.

And there's this 45-minute mix from the lead singer of How to Dress Well, featuring Tink and Future as well as some Kanye and Miley singalongs, and there's this pretty bad new Britney single, and also, the new Drake and HAIM albums have leaked!

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This new Mazzy Star is so beautiful and perfect for my morning of reading lyric theory. It's as if my sad and awful-poetry-writing, high school self and my considerably happier and dissertation-writing, grown woman self are meeting for the first time. They have things to talk about.

I'll try CHVRCHES next, I promise.


Lauren Mayberry is the most beautiful person to exist@v


MAZZY STAR! Thank you for this!


@mbeth Exactly! I LOVED them and am thrilled I can relive my relative youth again, but with new songs.


The CHVRCHES album is so so good!!


@Florence i knoww i dig "lungs" a lot

A. Louise

CHVRCHES is so so good and one of the bands I actually got into early enough to catch them on this tour and then I did not go and I will forever be kicking myself ARGH C'MON ME


I love all your music posts, Jia!

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Jia, you forgot to mention that the new Britney is both pretty bad and yet also the best song ever :(


i also will not shut up about "sonsick," and the whole san fermin album is killing meeeeee!!!!

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