Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A Very Rare Look Inside the Lisa Frank Headquarters

Here's Lisa Frank's 320,000-square-foot rainbow fortress, which is filled with giant Jeff Koons-style unicorn statues and located on the outskirts of Tucson (and shot by Urban Outfitters in that strange, glowy Breaking Bad light). Lisa Frank herself appears only in silhouette, but assures you that she exists as a real person (as well as "a lunatic"), talks about how she used to make these drawings in the '70s with acrylic paint and an airbrush, and takes you inside the fireproof vault where every Lisa Frank drawing ever is preserved. "What encompasses the world of Lisa Frank?" she says. "That would first and foremost probably be rainbows, then hearts, music notes, teddy bears, unicorns, stars, color, fantasy, jewels."

Not pictured: the empty lobby, the other five employees (down from 350 in a single year), or any sign of the company's significant financial troubles.

[The Atlantic]

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How can something be so happy and so sad all at once?


Was one of those girls a young Mila Kunis? Sounded a lot like her.


@Jaxx yeah!! IT IS MILA, 2 years after she came to the US from Ukraine not speaking a word of English. crazy


Chances that's Lisa Frank herself dancing in the bear costume?

Lisa Frank

@kfizz Yes, it is me!


@Lisa Frank AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahahaha


I wish the video were longer! I grew up with Lisa Frank, I had all the unicorn school supplies--it was my favorite. Seeing it all again, I think that ice cream sundae illustration is pretty awesome (and the flying hot dogs/hamburgers!!)

I love that she owns her craziness--I now want a whole documentary on Lisa Frank to be made.


@c2d I am still irrationally obsessed with unicorns (at 30), & while that fixation predates Lisa Frank, she definitely helped it blossom into fruition. like, my actual decor style tends to be kind of '70s/wood/russety earth tones, but I see a unicorny or rainbowy thing & my brain goes "I WANT IT." watching this video was like seeing a part of my subconscious come to life.


wait a what! i grew up in tucson, and i recognize one of the portraits (1:12) on the wall as a girl i went to middle/high school with! this is too funny.


How could the world ever outgrow rainbows??? No.
Also I found this job posting back in July:


I must be having a psychic connection with the Lisa Frank factory (this does not surprise me) because I just did a thing on my blog where I showed off my collection. That I still own. Today. (I'm almost 30.) Here it is for inquiring minds: http://www.abirdinthehandcrafts.com/1/post/2013/08/remember-when-lisa-frank.html

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