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The Three Types of Golden Girls Commenters on YouTube

The Know-it-all

BennyB5555: Dorothy wore that same Blue and Green top in the episode "Love under the big top." Where she dates the lawyer who wanted to be a clown full time.

53329: i see a boom mike above rose's head @ 18:10 when she's saying, "well, he did have one good idea.”

dianh71: How did Sophia manage to walk a marathon in Miami in that outfit?!

ERstat77: The blonde girl sitting at the table with Rose is Ariana Richards, who went on to play Lex in Jurassic Park!

BennyB5555: Rose comes up with these bogus words which are supposed to Norwegian or Swedish. St Olaf is a Norwegian farming settlement in northern Minnesota so I am assuming it would be a Norwegian word. Although the word for "servant" in Norwegian is actually "tjener" so who knows...

John M: Miles was such a good character...until the writers permanently ruined him with outrageous plot lines later on. He and Rose had so much chemistry together. They should have ended up together at the end of the series. Boo to the writers!

Writeowl: Harold Gould said that himself, that the writers seemed to run out of ideas and then created completely ridiculous plots. Maybe this was their JTS phase.

trilingual28: The hairstylist played the two-timing actor in another episode!

dsukenick: In this episode, when the girls are discussing Sophia weighing 98 pounds, Blanche says she says she weighed 98 pounds in college, and Dorothy answers back with, "Where did you go to college Blanche, the University Of Jupiter?" This was a BIG mistake on the writers part because on Jupiter, weight is about 2.36 times the amount on Earth, not lighter which is what was suggested by this joke.

02chevyguy: Alex Rocco was the first Glen. This is Jerry Orbach. He was also Detective. Lennie Brisoce on "Law and Order."

Mcmlxvi: Actually, Petrillo in Italian means son of Pietro (Peter), it would be Peterson in English.

hersheyNme: Isn't the Chinese guy in Dorothy's class the doctor she saw in the “Sick & Tired” episode?

ReallyBadSeed: You'd have thought Dorothy would recognize Randy Becker as one of the three guys from  an earlier episode who they were shipwrecked with while on vacation.....

grinbaldus1:  Who else is under 40 and had to Google "Fess Parker?"


The Super Fan

1zector2: Blanche looks so hot at 18:50
missle armz: Sophia looked so cute in her jogging outfit !!

MoldyWarts: Dorothy's sweater at 9:00 is gorgeous. I really want it.

Taylor Jones: Dorothy looks great

chris edwa: Dorothy has some ugly clothes!

talkindurinthemovie: Blanches season 2 hair was her best hair

AtomicOrgasm: Nobody should ever take advice from Blanche.

TheTheafricanqueen: I love Sofia’s new TV, it makes her really happy.

Jfluter: Am I the only one that wants to eat cheesecake after watching this show?


The Stickler

unidee617: What is the criteria for that dance marathon?

MichaelGetsIt0613: Is that Mario Lopez?

Jammie Armstrong: How long did Dorothy live in Florida? Did she retire from teaching in Brooklyn fulltime and then became a sub?

Ladrinne: [This show] sucks with continuing stuff...like this for example....here Miles' daughter comes to visit him but next season he's in the witness protection program. I always wondered if he always was in the witness protection program then who is this woman? An agent in the program? Did she not approve of this because she feared for Rose's safety?? Lol always wondered.

Movielothario: Good point! I watched all the seasons on this channel and didn't catch that. Also, about Dorothy's son, Michael, marrying Lorraine because she was pregnant. We later find out they split up, but no mention of a child.

Coolymac: Yeah, i love this show to death too, but they were VERY inconsistent with the storylines. A shift in writers is the reason. In the later seasons, they just put anything together. The great acting more than made up for the bad writing in the final 2 seasons. Still, one of the best shows of all time.

Reesey TayTay: Anyone else notice Rose's cardigan holder/connector thingy falling off randomly? (19:33-20:43)

ScherazadezGypsy: Does James Brown have a perm?

musicaltheatergeek79: But a lot of the flashback episodes (like this one, "A Piece of Cake," "Valentine's Day," and "Mother's Day") did not reuse old scenes from earlier episodes. The flashbacks were written specifically for the episodes. It's not like the writers were being lazy. In fact, there are only 3 episodes I can think of that did rehash old scenes ("The President is Coming!", "Never Yell Fire in a Crowded Retirement Home," and "We're Outta Here" where Blanche considers selling the house).

Stephen R: I can't believe Priscilla would just show up at their door at 3 a.m. and call off the wedding, and then elope and she doesn't even pay back the Girls for all those chickens and food, or apologize for doing such a thing. And this was before cell phones, so how the heck did Ramon know where Priscilla was? Glad Dorothy called the police to report a robbery at the end. lol. And Dorothy wasn't even wearing gloves when she was putting the chickens in the oven, or even putting them on a pan.

Daan892: I wonder if Mario ever came back. He's a fictional character, but still.

TheKimberBenton: When Sophia walks through the swinging door into the living room, the girls yell, "Surprise!" In the next shot, Sophia is standing next to the door as it swings out widely into the living room. A hand can be seen coming from inside the kitchen to stop the door when it swings back.

Canonregular: At 14:07 Rose states that she doesn't believe in plastic surgery. However, one will recall that in an earlier episode in season 2, it revealed that she had rhinoplasty performed.

Bethany Rutherford: Between 18:13 and 20:04, Blanche's lipstick color keeps changing between red and peach. ;)

pokergalpoker: I love TGG but the writers never paid attention. One episode Dorothy teaches a GED night course and Rose begs her to let her stay in class cause she got a bad case of mono when she was 19 and couldn't graduate....here she's talking about being in the Alpha Yams in college...lol!!!! Gotta love em anyway!!!!

Photo via Golden Girls Central.

Kathryn Sanders is a writer in Brooklyn. She really likes television. She tweets here.

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what did i just read

Sophia Jacob

There's a ton more. You aren't gonna convince me that Charles Hamilton doesn't win this competition. Dude makes all his own beats, and he samples everything from Incubus to Pokemon. Almost all of his songs have samples, and there has to be 5,000 of them.@me

Jolly Darling

Naturally then when they got to the register, they had quite a few doubles. Every time they would hit a double, they'd remove it. Because of the sheer volume of movies, they had a tough time keeping up with everything and were taking forever to check out.


The Hairpin just gets me.

how sad is it that I know EXACTLY which episodes all these are referencing


I'm like this, but with King of the Hill.


@frigwiggin "Let go of my purse, I don't know you!"

I love Bobby Hill so, so much.


@katiemcgillicuddy That's my favorite, right after the one where they put Bobby on ADD medicine. "There's some milk in the fridge that's about to go bad.....and there it goes."


@katiemcgillicuddy "No. It was the cocoa."

Also, not Bobby, but still good: "I don't know about her, she dresses kinda pro-choice."


@stonefruit Hahaha, yes, the pro-choice comment, amazing.


Since I don't want to make this about King of the Hill instead of Golden Girls (because Golden Girls forever) I will throw out a GG quote from the ever-quotable Sophia Petrillo:

"Jean is a nice person. She happens to like girls instead of guys. Some people like cats instead of dogs. Frankly I’d rather live with a lesbian than a cat."

Clara Morena

@frigwiggin get out my brain

Miss Sparrow

@katiemcgillicuddy I once came verrrry close to telling a friend her new baby looked just like Bobby Hill but stopped when I realized not everyone would consider that a compliment.


@Miss Sparrow I would have a baby if I could guarantee that baby would look like Bobby Hill.




Man. Suddenly I DO want cheesecake.

BTW you can link to exact moments in YouTube videos - right-click on the video and select "Copy video URL at current time." You can right-click and hover until the moment you want arrives. The resulting link is like so -

Between 18:13 and 20:04, Blanche's lipstick color keeps changing between red and peach. ;)


@ysabella I'd like to learn this? I clicked on your link and it took me to the file start/show open. I then watched GG for the next hour.

Sgt. Exposition

My girlfriend and I have decided. She is a Super Fan, and I am a Stickler. Because I stand by my nitpick: In "72 Hours," there is no way Rose drove from Miami to Tuscaloosa in one night, unless she left that afternoon.

Sonal Sharma

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Wow I can't believe you have downvotes...that's one of the greatest songs of all time. Right up there with Fuck the Pain Away and Shut Up and Sleep with Me

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