Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The Hairpin Travel Series

Hello! I'm excited to announce (and encourage you to buy!) the travel anthology "An Experience Definitely Worth Allegedly Having: Travel Stories From The Hairpin." It's a Kindle Serial featuring eight longform, never-before-published non-fiction stories from eight frequent Hairpin/Awl-world contributors: Carrie Frye, Jim Behrle, Maria Bustillos, Anne Helen Petersen, Chiara Atik, Nicole Cliffe, Jenna Wortham, and me. Each story takes about 10 minutes or so to read, and the whole thing costs $1.99. From the Amazon description:

Like The Hairpin, these essays are funny, weird, adventurous, and moving. There are stories about following a mysterious stranger’s maps in Mexico, attending endless step aerobics classes in Buenos Aires, faking a terrible British accent in London, and navigating a nude spa in Stockholm. About loneliness, connection, and sunburn.

You don't need a Kindle to read it, but you do need a computer, smartphone, or tablet with the (free) Kindle app — although I imagine there are sneaky ways to get around this, except hopefully the sneaky ways also involve spending $1.99, because a percentage of that goes to each of the writers, and their stories are so good.

If you'd like to get it now (and I'll be shamelessly posting teasers every other week or so for the next couple months), you'll get the introduction and the first, excellent installment, by Carrie Frye, and then two weeks later, you'll automatically get the next, excellent installment, by Maria Bustillos. And so on, with a new episode appearing on your e-reader every other week, unless you destroy your e-reader, perhaps, but even that isn't a guarantee that you will be safe against this Series. As the esteemed Maud Newton recently tweeted, although not completely in context: "How could anyone be disappointed with this WEALTH OF RICHES for $1.99?!" Truly.

Plus Hairpin pal and overall cool person Thyra Heder painted that beautiful globe on the cover, and there's more of her work for the series on the companion Tumblr. That's right (thank you, infomercials), there's also a COMPANION TUMBLR that's completely free and will be updated with additional media (photos, videos, who knows) for each episode. For instance, here's Carrie's. You can almost see the fleas.

I hope you enjoy!

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Is anyone able to help me (a Canadian!) find out where I can download this? I can't seem to be able to find it on the Amazon.ca site. boo. sadface.


@quimby I would also like to know this. Also, I love your name.


@quimby You can use other countries' Amazons as long as you set up an account there. I buy stuff on French Amazon all the time for delivery to people in France.


@quimby yeah, with you. I have a .com account, but my kindle app (ipad) is associated with the .ca version, since I bought it at the Canadian App Store, and I can't change that without a US mailing address. Amazon.com won't let me buy a kindle book from them, and it doesn't seem to be available at amazon.ca. Bummer!


@karenb Thanks! I don't feel like a technical bozo now knowing I am not the only one!


@quimby hi there! as @karenb said, you can use a .com account to download the Kindle Serial -- but unfortunately Serials aren't available for non-US accounts. when all the essays are out and the book is released in full (which will happen mid-November!), the Serial will be available to all readers.

Sophia Jacob

When I was house hunting, my realtor couldn't get into one of the houses. I asked if she had a bobby pin. She looked at me like I was bananas, but she pulled one out of her hair anyway (insert stereotypical realtor joke here). @me


Maria Bustillos. Ew.


Man. I wish this weren't only on the Kindle. :[

Edith Zimmerman

@Statham You can read it on computers, phones, tablets with the Kindle App!

Edith Zimmerman

@Statham It took me less than 2 minutes to download & install and open on my Mac, if that helps...


@Edith Zimmerman For some reason, kindle refuses to download on my Mac. It's been an ongoing problem that makes me frown. :[

Neve Garrett

Ediiiiiiiiiiiiiiith! I am SO excited about this.


I love this idea and I hope it makes you guys a lot of money!


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Yay, just bought it. Nursing reading material for my ipad!


@sophia_h Hey! I didn't see til just now when I was checking a FOT comment, but congratulations on the new Giants fan!! He's gorgeous!


You got me with the companion tumblr!


This is exciting and lovely. I love travel writing, and the anthology title is so accurate.


Awesome! And congrats on the project, Edith. This is excellent timing as I'm leaving for Costa Rica in about three hours. I am looking forward to reading the first installment on the plane.


Is this all new content, or is it similar to the Awl Weekend Companion, i.e. a compilation of recently published items mixed in with some older stuff from the archives?

Edith Zimmerman

@koko All new stuff! (I'll edit the post to include that -- thank you!)

Nicole Cliffe

HI GUYS! Did Edith mention it is less than two dollars? Probably.

Nicole Cliffe

Also, mine is horrifically embarrassing, so you'll like that.

Anne Helen Petersen

@Nicole Cliffe Let's fight over whose story is more mortifying!

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