Monday, August 12, 2013


Cookie Monster Covers Icona Pop's "I Love It"

What a catchy paean to the art of self-control and delayed gratification: Me get this feeling when me see a cookie on a plate/ Me have to grab it have to eat it, oh me no can wait/ But now me know that self-control is something me must know/ Me want to grab it want to eat it / BUT ME WAIT / ME WANT IT / BUT ME WAIT. 

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Meredith Whitfield@facebook

Cookie Monster is a total buzzkill now, right?


@Meredith Whitfield@facebook Seriously. Eat the fucking cookie, man, live a little.


@Meredith Whitfield@facebook I must admit I am a little disappointed, I feel like he's been dumbed down. I feel like they used to think kids were smart enough to realize that Cookie Monster is an exaggerated example of how NOT to act, and now you have to be beaten over the head with "sensible" "healthy" messaging such that not even ONE character can behave "wrongly"?


@iceberg hahaha this is very true i am all about self-control being a KEY part of pleasurably excessive behavior and still i'd like this song better if it was cookie monster just scrooge diving into a bunch of cookies with the original chorus intact


@j-i-a aaaaand now I need to see this happen.


@j-i-a perfection.

fondue with cheddar

@Meredith Whitfield@facebook Yeah, he used to devour cookies noisily, throwing crumbs everywhere. I always understood that that was how not to behave. And besides, when he did that, didn't the other characters throw disapproving looks at the camera? I'm pretty sure they did.

fondue with cheddar

Cookie Monster will always be OM NOM NOM GOOGLY EYES NOM to me.

Sophia Jacob

loved the song cause i love cookie monster. Saying that dont go changing cookie monsters way of life. that is what made him so appealing. @me


I would give my left fucking arm to leave tech & start working for the childrens television workshop.


@leon s OK, but that's a pretty tough path for a puppeteer.

Lily Rowan

@leon s I don't suppose by "tech" you mean you're an app developer? They are hiring. (It's Sesame Workshop now, btw.) http://www.sesameworkshop.org/employment/


I see your Me Want It, and I raise you The Biscotti Kid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6FDts-erVw

Quinn A@twitter

Not as good as the Cookie Monster cover of "Call Me Maybe", but still good. Thanks, Jia. :)


I'll say it. There is something creepy and terrifying about this.


Is there anything better than Muppet dancing? I submit that there are very few things*. That lamb in the leather jacket!!!

*Possibly Bergy Bit dancing, but then I am biased.


@iceberg These two dance companies are not even a little bit mutually exclusive.


I just want to know why they're on the holodeck.


@iceberg I would love to go clubbing with Cookie Monster. Then we could gorge on cookies afterwards.


I am really torn, because I really liked the idea of kids getting that cookie monster was the thing you turned into if you ate too many cookies, but these are really catchy tunes and very well done even if the message is sort of banging us over the head...


"Me can self-regulate" is my new mantra.


Later, however, he was replaced by Chris P. Tiling marlborough


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