Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Three Couples Demonstrating Love


•Beth Ditto and her long-term girlfriend Kristin Ogata got married in Hawaii, with Ditto walking the aisle barefoot in Gaultier. [VOGUE]

•A teenage couple from Tulsa met at a support group for transgender teenagers, both underwent gender reassignment surgery, and are adorable. "To me, Arin’s just my Arin. He’s always looked manly to me. But now he’s had the surgery he’s much more confident and comfortable with himself," says Katie, who had her surgery last year and walked her boyfriend through his a month ago. "Being transgender myself, I understand Arin better than anybody else — how good he feels and how complete he feels." [SUN]

•John Arthur and Jim Obergefell were Medevac'd from their home in Ohio to Maryland so that they could be married before Arthur succumbed to the final stages of ALS. Now, a judge in the federal court of Ohio is demanding that, despite the state's ban on same-sex marriage, that the Ohio Registrar refuse any death certificate that does not list Arthur as married or Obergefell as his spouse. [QUEERTY]

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Dang, Arin and Katie, save some of the photogenicness for the rest of us. Good grief, they have it to spare!


@stonefruit Right? SO CUTE. (I take a little umbrage with how the Sun headline seems to be treating it--sort like Weird News, you know?--but they are super super adorable.)

you're a kitty!

@stonefruit adorbs and also wonderfully mature. And given that it IS the Sun, I was kind of impressed by how... not-awful? that article was.


yeah, the language in that article is pretty bad.
it's not that arin "used to be a girl" and katie "used to be a boy."

it's that arin is a boy and katie is a girl, and they got hormone treatments/surgery, so now the rest of the world sees them for who they are.

and man, they seemed to go out of the way to choose a stereotypically "male" childhood photo of katie (the polo shirt with all the science-y pictures on it), and a way femme childhood photo of arin (pink frilly leotard with feathers in his hair!), just to up the "weird news" factor, presumably.

but, otoh, at least they consistently referred to everyone with their preferred gender pronouns. so many articles (including, e.g. the new york times) get that wrong.


States not recognizing same-sex marriages performed legally in other states is infuriating. Get it together, America.


@laurel It's... well, the con law case for full recognition of interstate marriage isn't terribly strong, or at least that's the sense I got from my research on the subject when I was still a Public Admin student.

Basically, Article IV Section I of the Constitution (the Full Faith and Credit Clause) makes distinctions between "acts" (legislative laws and edicts), "records" (birth certificates, drivers' licenses etc.) and "proceedings" (court rulings) with regard to what states have to recognize from one another. States have generally deferred to one another in terms of court proceedings, so something like court-mandated child support holds up across state lines. However when it comes to legislative acts, courts have generally held that states aren't obligated to recognize the laws of any other, the thought being that it's undemocratic for people to be beholden to laws passed by bodies that don't represent them. So if State A bans same-sex marriage and you receive a license from State B, which holds it legal, your chances of a court compelling State A to recognize the license is pretty slim. Also, Article IV gives congress the right to make laws concerning Full Faith and Credit, which is why DOMA had to be be dismantled on 14th Amendment grounds.

The third aspect of Article IV Section I concerns records, and as of a few years ago it was sort of an untested factor in the courts. The mentioned ruling re: the birth certificate is a pretty clear pro-FFaC ruling in that respect, so it sets a good precedent, especially given the importance of interstate record-keeping for transgender people.


@Danzig! Isn't this exactly why it took a Supreme Court ruling in Loving v. Virginia to strike down state laws against interracial marriage? The Lovings were married in DC but Virginia refused to recognize their marriage. Police raided their home in the middle of the night, hoping to catch them in flagrante, which would have also been illegal.

There's an even better precedent than recognition of birth certificates: states recognize straight marriages performed in other states, even though ages of consent, etc., vary.


@laurel Yeah, Loving v. Virginia was a 14th Amendment case if I remember correctly, same as the one against DOMA. If the Lovings had tried to argue a FFaC case they probably would have failed.

I imagine states would have had technical right to arrest married couples outside their age of consent laws, but to file a civil rights suit (or a suit of any kind) you need to have standing, a direct and credible claim that a law has harmed you. It might be the case that either states never really pursued underage elopements or that the people they arrested never brought a FFaC case to the courts.


Oh man that last one... #facemist


@iceberg Yeah, I was feeling emotional before reading it but that one just sent me over the edge.


Aw, the Vogue link doesn't work! I am not a big fan of Gossip's music, but I think Beth Ditto is pretty friggin' rad. (Although I remember reading about a photoshoot she posed for that essentially used a non-white woman as a prop and it sounded weird and bad...wish I could find it for the details.)


Oh...now I understand all the FB posts about Ohio. Good on the judge for upholding the law.


I can't read the alt text without hearing Gerald Finley's voice.


The Vogue link doesn't work and I NEED to see Beth Ditto's wedding dress.



@tea for all's comment to me doesn't seem to be showing up (maybe it got spamlisted for having a link) but go here for the correct link!



P.S. They are cute as fuck.

Chareth Cutestory

@frigwiggin My face just went :D

Queen of Pickles

THIS is why Sex and the City does not ring true anymore.

Things are so much more interesting now. :)


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