Thursday, July 11, 2013


"The Marvelous Talking-Machine"

The "Euphonia," an 1845 invention by Joseph Faber, used foot pedals and a keyboard to produce a "weird, ghostly monotone" of a voice (in any European language) through a suspended mannequin-like head. If this suspended mannequin-like head could talk... (More here, though be warned that Faber's post-Euphonia trajectory was rather bleak.)

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I seriously just shrieked loud enough to wake the cat up. Why, sweet baby Jesus, why?


@LacunaKale Nightmare fuel.


@LacunaKale My historical interest wants to hear a recording of what the voice might have sounded like, but my self-preservation instinct is reminding me that I do, in fact, want to sleep again ever.


I am also here to scream about the photo


that mannequin face is throwing serious shade


Love this fun post!@n

christopher hart

christopher hart, I am here to scream about the pic


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