Monday, July 15, 2013


"The Irony of American Justice"

I have seen nothing within the actual case presented by the prosecution that would allow for a stable and unvacillating belief that George Zimmerman was guilty.

That conclusion should not offer you security or comfort. It should not leave you secure in the wisdom of our laws. On the contrary, it should greatly trouble you. But if you are simply focusing on what happened in the court-room, then you have been head-faked by history and bought into a idea of fairness which can not possibly exist.

The injustice inherent in the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman was not authored by jury given a weak case. The jury's performance may be the least disturbing aspect of this entire affair. The injustice was authored by a country which has taken as its policy, for lionshare of its history, to erect a pariah class. The killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman is not an error in programming. It is the correct result of forces we set in motion years ago and have done very little to arrest.

Maybe you have read too many words about George Zimmerman's acquittal by now, and maybe all those words don't really feel like they're registering or helping or doing much of anything, but if you would like to take in a sensible legal breakdown of the case that also deals with the emotional gut-punch you might be feeling today, I would recommend reading Ta-Nehisi Coates over at The Atlantic. Elsewhere: For George Zimmerman, "the system worked."

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Ta-Nehisi is just incredible. I'm so sad and angry about this. Thank you for linking that.

Hot Doom

@iceberg It's so good, so clear, so true, and his writing elucidates what I've been feeling after seeing an FB friend defend the acquittal by saying that there was not proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman was guilty, while asserting that Trayvon was somewhere he should not have been (a gated community where he didn't live), which...therefore, leaves him open to killing??? There is so much loaded nuance that can't be easily addressed in a jury decision like this. It's left me feeling sad, angry, wronged as an American. If this article was a cream pie, I wish I could smash it, repeatedly, in the faces of people who dismiss the acquittal as justice being served and alleged wrongs being absolved. That wouldn't do anything, really, but god, I just want to shake people.

Judith Slutler

I've personally got other places to talk about this. But I am also glad to see it here. My heart is aching for my country.


This is a wonderful article, best I've read since the verdict came back. Thanks for sharing, Emma.

Tuna Surprise

This case has made me so profoundly sad. Not just for the verdict (which was unfortunately predictable) but for all the people who are twisting themselves in knots to try and explain away the racism behind it. I mean, maybe the thinking is that if all black men were in white coats and black ties silent serving Uncle Bubba's wedding, then maybe stuff like this wouldn't happen.


@Tuna Surprise yuuup. a Facebook friend of mine posted something (since deleted)about how the reactions from his white friends and black friends were so different, and how sad that was (so far, so good, in a way) but then went on to ruin it by saying something to the effect that GZ was Hispanic, not white, so therefore it's not a black/white thing... I was like "time to get some new white friends".


@Tuna Surprise

The blatant racism and all the people trying to pretend it doesn't exist made this case deeply depressing. Add in that somehow in the state of Florida it is totally okay to name oneself "Neighborhood Watch" and stalk unfamiliar teenagers with a gun (even after real law enforcement has told you to cut it out) and it becomes positively terrifying. How long until it happens again? Not long, I suspect.


@City_Dater A friend posted her sadness that the case turned out this way, some discussion was made. One person commented in response to 'he was told to stay in his car, not to follow TM' with 'TM probably would have broken out his car window and attacked him.' (Broken out his car window? With what, his Skittles?). My friend replied "so if I see someone on my sidewalk I have the right to shoot him because he MAY break out my living room windows?" The guy had no response to that.

Unfortunately, I live in Texas and we have a law that states you can shoot anyone that trespasses on your land for the purposes of crime or if you feel threatened. You don't even have to attempt escape. We had one locally a few months ago. A man shot another man who, according to his family, had gone to the house to pick up some items he lent his friend. His friend shot/killed him on the lawn in front of the man's daughter, who was in the truck. Because, the homeowner claims, they had been arguing and the man had threatened him earlier. Not at the time of the shooting, but 'earlier.' Perfectly legal.


@RebeccaKW dear God


@Tuna Surprise A fbook friend of mine, in all seriousness, reacted that "It's hard times being the white folk." I find it terribly upsetting.

He's a friend from childhood, of my brother's. I keep him in my feed so I can see different reactions to things. He and his crew is convinced that there was no race involved until Sharpton and the media got involved. I just--don't get where they're coming from. At all.


@hexamaam It's like, what America are YOU living in?

Laughable Walrus

@RebeccaKW Well, that's terrifying.


@Laughable Walrus Yes, it is.


Yet again, Ta-Nehisi Coates proves he is a truly great mind and a national treasure.

Noelle O'Donnell

"You should not be troubled that George Zimmerman "got away" with the killing of Trayvon Martin, you should be troubled that you live in a country that ensures that Trayvon Martin will happen."

Nailed it. This is no recent thing, but I've been feeling our country's regression even more, as of late.

Heat Signature

@Noelle O'Donnell Right? Especially with the whole thing in Texas where tampons are banned from the legislature but go right ahead in with your concealed weapons! America: We Gave It Our Best


@Noelle O'Donnell That line has been with me all day.


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